Carrie Kuhl

Co-Founder  •  Designer  •  Pixel Specialist

Web and graphic designer, animator, photographer and retail curator may sound like an odd combination, but for Carrie Kuhl these skills quickly became the spark for something bigger. With over 10 years of experience, her knowledge of web and graphic design fills her ambition to help other small businesses get their start or take their brand to the next level. In early 2014, Carrie along with friend and co-founder Renee Bauman started Hitch Studio, a business that combines all their loves. Hitch resides in a stylish brick-and-mortar store on historical Main Avenue in Brookings, South Dakota. They specialize in graphic design + website design, wedding invitations + wedding styling, and have a paperie + gift store.

Giving back to the Brookings community is a big part of Hitch’s culture. Carrie currently serves on the Downtown Brookings District Committee of the Brookings Chamber, is on the Vision Brookings board of directors, the Brookings Convention & Visitors Bureau board, and is Vice Chair of the Brookings Historical Preservation Committee. In the past, she has taught graphic design at South Dakota State University (SDSU) and currently focuses on being a mentor to her employees. She contributes much of her success, and sometimes the ability to keep her sanity, to participating in a Masterminds group which consists of like-minded women who act as a sounding board and hold each other accountable.

Carrie’s built-in support group begins with her husband Jason (the love of her life), sweet son Maxen (who is already a creative genius), the best dog ever (Hannah) along with her family and close friends who always show up when she needs them, even when she doesn’t ask. She enjoys family time, playing games, watching movies, going for a run, traveling and relaxing at home.


Things about me you didn't know, you wanted to know...

  1. I prefer pie over cake, and if I do eat cake, I scrape off the frosting and give it to my husband.
  2. Speaking of my husband, he is also a designer. I'm sure you can imagine the conversations and "constructive criticism" that happens at our house.
  3. I was named after a song recorded in 1967 by the Hollies called Hey Carrie Anne.
  4. Although I went to school for Graphic Design, I taught myself animation, WordPress and studied photography under a great local photographer. I love learning new skills, it's all apart of what makes up my creative map.
  5. I'm not a fan of Pizza... not saying anything else about that.
  6. I would consider myself an ambivert, a person whose personality has a balance of extrovert and introvert features. I love being at home, but if you ask me to come "play" I'm all in. I just may need to rest the next day, haha!

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