Lately desserts have been on the rise to supplement and even replace the traditional wedding cake. But where did the tradition of having cake come from? And what are some fun ideas to add to your wedding cake? According to this article, “Wedding Cake: A Slice of History“, in Ancient Rome, wedding celebrations were ended by breaking a cake of wheat or barley over the bride’s head as a symbol of good fortune. In Medieval England, small spiced buns were stacked as high as possible. If the bride and groom were able to kiss over the tall stack, it meant a lifetime of prosperity. On your wedding day, sharing the cake with family and friends increases fertility and prosperity, and a piece of cake kept after the big day ensures his fidelity. Another fun fact? Tiered cakes symbolized prosperity and was a societal status symbol at weddings, because the less well-off could not afford a pillared and tiered wedding cake.

Back to 2017, though. Couples are taking their desserts to a whole new level. They’re customizing their wedding to their tastes. One bride even has three desserts labeled: “His Favorite” (mini pecan pies), “Her Favorite” (movie theatre popcorn), and “Their Favorite” (Donuts from their favorite bakery in Pierre, SD). Personalized experiences at weddings are the best! But then again, so is that customary slice of cake. We’re not complaining either way!

If you’re interested, here’s a list of some unique (and delicious) ideas to spice up you wedding desserts:

  • Candy buffet with all your favorite treats
  • Cookies (consider many different flavors too!)
  • Donuts (who doesn’t love a good donut)
  • Hot Chocolate Bar (caramel and mint syrup flavorings with mini marshmallows and candy cane sticks? Yes, please.)
  • Cupcakes (with fun flavors and frosting colors)
  • Ice Cream Sundae Bar (have someone ready to wheel this out when the time is right)
  • Pie (or mini pies!)
  • Cinnamon Rolls/Caramel Rolls (yes and yes)
  • Cake Pops (decorate them to match your wedding theme!)
  • Smore’s Bar (perfect for summer and fall weddings)
  • Ice Cream Cake (such a fun idea)
  • Cotton Candy Machine (brings me right back to childhood
  • Cheescakes (many different toppings!)
  • Oreo cake (especially if it’s your favorite treat)

Personally, my fiancé and I have decided to have a cookie bar. We are still going to have our own little cake to cut, but cookies are less messy, don’t need to be cut and served, and don’t need silverware. Plus, they are from a bakery that we both love and get cookies from all the time (and will look gorgeous displayed on our dessert table too!) Here’s an article from WeddingWire about the “10 Yummiest Cookie Ideas for Your Wedding”.

Renee, the wedding planner here at Hitch Studio is serving mini s’mores cheesecakes in a jar to each of her guests at her wedding in late October! She’s having a graham cracker crust baked in the bottom of the jar, layered with chocolate cheesecake and marshmallow mouse on top, slightly toasted with a little chocolate bar and mini marshmallows sprinkled on top! So cute!

With so many ideas out there, it’s crazy to try to choose! Here’s some tips.

Taste: If you and your fiancé aren’t crazy about cake, don’t serve it! The day is all about you, so choose something you love.

A Family Specialty: If grandma is known for her world-famous chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and insists on making 300 of them, do it! Treat you guests and share that special family goodie with them. Plus, it’s more sentimental and meaningful than something from the store. You could even include a special thank you note and use them as favors at each guests place setting!

Significance: If there is a bakery down the street where you and your fiancé had donuts and coffee on your first date, serve ‘em! What a fun way to tie in the start of your relationship.

Have fun with your desserts and make them unique to you as a couple! And as always, Hitch is here for any of your wedding day needs, whether that be cutting cake, scooping ice cream, or even serving your treats on your big day! We do it all!

Favorite desserts!

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