Hitch Studio — A Fresh Take on Wedding Styling:


Started in 2014 with passion and a love for weddings, Hitch Studio is a wedding styling boutique specializing in wedding planning and invitation design. With attention to detail, big dreams, and even bigger, helpful hearts, we love to say ”yes”! YES to making your love story perfect, YES to making your vision become a reality, and YES to going above and beyond. Like this — our gift to you! Enjoy access to *all* of our decor at no extra cost so you can have a beautiful and relaxed wedding day. Our three certified wedding planners will focus on the details of your wedding so you can focus on the love of your marriage.

  • We love love stories. We can’t wait to hear yours.
  • We love listening like a friend to ALL your wedding details.
  • We love enthusiasm and new ideas. We love options over excuses.
  • We love Brookings. We love volunteering, raising our families, starting a business, creating jobs, and calling South Dakota home.
  • We love educating and mentoring our employees. We love making a difference in the lives of 10+ part-time employees.
  • We love learning. We have two certified wedding planners on staff. The day we lose our drive for knowledge or our entrepreneurial spirit is the day we’re just another wedding planning company.
  • We love raising the bar for the wedding industry. We love making an impact in our community as a small business, even beyond wedding planning.
  • We love making your guests feel welcomed and delighted. Our helpful spirit and hearts of servitude will make sure everyone’s smiling on your big day.
  • We love asking ourselves “What’s best for THIS couple?” and then exceeding those expectations. We remember the little things that make a big difference.
  • We love big ideas and can-do attitudes. We are organized, prepared for anything, experienced, and proactive.
  • We love rolling up our sleeves and getting the hard work done. We don’t just walk around with a clipboard. We’re the do-ers and make-it-happen-ers. (Yep, that’s a word now).
  • We love getting every detail right. We are the experts who walked beside you and built your vision together.
  • If you liked our love story and want us to be part of your wedding team. We would be honored.
  • If you don’t really have an eye for centerpiece design or details. That’s fine! We’ll show you options for centerpieces and you pick what you love! Easy as that.
  • If one of your main goals is to have FUN on your wedding day. Hire a wedding planner. After all our meetings and communication, we’ll know where things go, who is supposed to be where, how you wanted the room layout, that you wanted a special flower to lay by the memorial table, and where you wanted your ceremony flowers moved to at the reception. We’ll field the phone calls so you don’t have to check your phone while you’re getting your hair done and we’ll ask the questions you haven’t even thought to ask yet. We’ll check in with all of your vendors so they know what time and where to arrive and set up. You can take a deep breath because we just know. We’ve talked about it.
  • If you aren’t able to get into your reception space until the day of your wedding and you know you’ll be short on time and help for decorating. Don’t stress. The Hitch team can set up your centerpieces and head table decorations for you and take them down at the end of the night.
  • If you have some special/complex/BIG dreams for designs, decorations, or installations, let our experienced team figure it out. We can find a way!
  • If you have too many people (Moms? Aunts? Personal attendants?) who want to lead your day. If you need someone to find a friendly and polite way to delegate tasks, hire Hitch. You may have the helpers, but we have the leadership skills…and YOUR best wishes at heart.

Do You Want Hitch To Be a Part of Your Wedding Team?

If learning a little more about our passions here at Hitch Studio has you nodding your head “yes” and saying “I want a Hitch wedding!” (yep, we’ve heard it before!), then let us know! We’d love nothing more than to sit down with you and hear all about your wedding day. Seriously. We are joyfully obsessed with wedding details!

Contact Renee Bauman at Hitch Studio today and we’ll make sure you look back on your wedding day with love and joy — not stress or anxiety.

Meet the Team


Renee Bauman

Photo by: Jessica Brees Photography

Owner of Hitch Studio  •  Certified Wedding Planner (CWP)  •  Certified Wedding Venue Professional (CWVP) • Author of the Wedding Day Designer

Wedding stylist, invitation designer, and go-getter, Renee Bauman started Hitch Studio in early 2014. She is joyfully obsessed with wedding details, volunteering in her community, and being the best wife and mother she can be. She would love to hear how she can help bring your wedding visions to life!



Tessa Ihnen

Photo by: Studio 1227

Certified Wedding Planner (CWP) • Certified Wedding Venue Professional (CWVP) • Sioux Falls Division Manager


I am very passionate about women supporting women and connecting on a personal level. I promise that each bride that I cross paths with will be treated as if she were my lifelong best friend. Weddings and marriage are exciting, and I can’t wait to share this experience with you!



Lyric Gruenhagen

Photo by: Erica Lynn Photography

Certified Wedding Planner (CWP) • Certified Wedding Venue Professional (CWVP)


I love working with people and being involved in something as intimate as a wedding. My top three strengths are empathy, responsibility, and consistency – the perfect trio for making your experience the best it can be! I look forward to creating an experience you’ll remember forever.



These are only some of our 20+ employees on staff and I couldn’t be prouder or more thankful for these ladies. They are the gears that keep Hitch Studio running— and they are who keep my dream alive. Fun facts: We’ve had a horse show up in a reception hall, we’ve put out fires (literally), we’ve bustled a dress in a closet, we’ve officiated ceremonies, we’ve moved entire ceremonies indoors to escape the rain, we’ve found a groomsman under a head table, we’ve set off car alarms in a church parking lot looking for the missing guest book, we’ve set up weddings in snow and blazing heat, we’ve seen groomsmen start a dance party before dinner even began, and the stories continue…  ☺ We’re seriously up for anything!

Contact us today to get started.

History of Hitch Studio

Hitch Studio was started in February, 2014 by two female entrepreneurs who joined forces because they knew they were stronger together than they could ever be apart. Carrie Kuhl was the graphic designer and Renee Bauman was the wedding planner, and together they also owned a retail store in Downtown Brookings, South Dakota. After five years of sharing resources, employees, and growing three divisions — web + graphic design division, wedding planning + invitations division, and a gift + retail division — the business had grown each branch into fully-functioning businesses of their own. It took a while to realize it, but something about Hitch Studio had flipped. During those five years of learning and leadership, Carrie and Renee had become experienced and confident enough to make each of their divisions their 100%-owned businesses together. What a realization of growth and change! Through many conversations and a friendship that withstood everything, Carrie and Renee decided to sell the retail store (to the BEST new owner ever at Honeycomb Gifts). Carrie Kuhl started UpFrame Creative and Renee Bauman is now the owner of Hitch Studio since August, 2019. I couldn’t have asked for a better path to get to this point. A friendship preserved and a business that’s growing — what a love story.