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We are a heartfelt design and gift boutique in downtown Brookings, South Dakota. Our specialties lie in graphic design, website design, event planning, wedding invitations and wedding styling. 

Where did the name Hitch come from? We hitched our already successful freelance businesses together to join forces and start our dream. The nod to weddings is a bit more obvious as our couples are getting hitched and we love being a part of their day and enjoy what it truly means to have a marriage.

When we meet with a client about their new logo or website, we are truly hitching their business vision with our creative vision. Together, we are a Hitch Studio.

When hitched together, we are mightier; we are teachers, mentors and believers in inspiring others. We bring an added value to your project by thinking and creating in unique ways because of our diverse backgrounds.

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What to Tip Your Wedding Vendors

January 16, 2017

Uh oh — the dreaded word, “tipping.” Not because you’re cheap or you don’t value a good tip, but because tipping can be SO awkward, especially when it comes to your wedding! Who do I tip? When do I tip? What do I tip? Can I tip myself?!  🙂 There are no hard concrete rules…

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Wording & Etiquette for Postponing or Canceling Your Wedding (and Real Life Advice From Two People Who Have)

January 9, 2017

Oh, this is such a tough subject. However, we at Hitch Studio understand that life happens, and for whatever reason if you find yourself in this situation, we want you to be prepared and supported. Your family, your friends…we all want whatever is best for you! Before we dive into the logistics, here is some…

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Midwest Wedding Trends (#6 in a Series): Make Your 2017 Wedding One to Remember

December 31, 2016

It is hard to believe that we are about to enter 2017, and with New Year’s resolutions galore comes new engagements, wedding planning, and everything else that encompasses a happily ever after. Whether you’re the bride-to-be, the curious groom, a helpful parent or in-law, or just the hopeful girl in love with planning her future…

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Three Hitch Employees are Engaged to be Married! Follow Each Story as We Reveal Tips for How They’re Planning Each Wedding – and Advice from Already Married Hitch Employees

December 23, 2016

Are you one of the many brides getting engaged this holiday season?! We’d like to celebrate YOU and three of our Hitch employees who also got engaged the last couple months! Each of these brides has worked for Hitch Studio at one time or another, and now each is engaged! Read through their answers to these engagement…

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What To Know When You’re Planning a Winter Wedding in South Dakota

December 16, 2016

Well, this is easily my favorite winter wedding! Happy 1-week anniversary, Kristin & Bobby! Winter weddings aren’t as common in states like South Dakota because of the frigid temperatures and unpredictable weather, but wow, they are beautiful. Plus, guests are actually looking forward to a wedding in the “off-season”! Kristin and Bobby live in Arizona, but…

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Wedding RSVP 101

December 9, 2016

Okay, let’s be honest for a moment. Has there ever been a time when you received an invitation to a wedding with an RSVP, and two days before the wedding realize you had forgotten to RSVP?! Yes? I have too (regretfully). Has there ever been a time when you sent out an invitation for your wedding and…

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