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If you are a coffee or fun beverage lover, this blog is for you. We wanted to take a deep dive into one of these wedding professionals and show you how easy it is to create a wonderful wedding experience for all ages!

We posted another blog a while back discussing the impact of social hour activities and the different elements you can include to really “WOW!” your guests. CLICK HERE in case you missed it, or READ ON to find out about a specifically ‘sweet’ company we have in mind!

Jennifer Pederson, owner of Little Prairie Coffee Company, owns a mobile coffee business designed specifically for weddings and events. She takes that small-town, coffee-house feel and brings it to individuals all over the Midwest!

“We are based out of Volga, SD, but we are strictly mobile!” With close proximity to Brookings and Interstate 29, it’s easy for them to jump up to Watertown or run down to the Sioux Falls area. However, they don’t limit themselves to only those larger communities. They are licensed throughout the entire state of South Dakota and love traveling all over! Being from a small town, their team loves to see familiar faces during the events.

“The concept of mobile coffee started rolling around in my head about five years ago. I’m a coffee lover, always have been, and anytime I go anywhere, I love to check out the handcrafted coffee scene. I love trying new flavors, different beans, and meeting the people who tell their stories through coffee.”

The idea for a mobile coffee bar really came together during Jennifer’s time managing a local, franchised coffee shop. Eventually her “gypsy soul [was] telling me to get out, live life, and gain new experiences.” She is not one to sit still very long and loves a challenge!

“I started with my first coffee cart in December of 2022 and I haven’t looked back.”

The business proved to be a wonderful asset to so many local events that she had a second and then a third cart built as well! Last fall, they launched a new counterpart to the business – a coffee trailer. The trailer is a wonderful addition for those bigger events and “pop-ups”.  Jennifer said, “We look forward to continuing to grow, and we will add carts or another trailer as we go!”

“We built our name and logo around my love of the Little House on the Prairie books that I loved as a child. I really wanted to incorporate the Midwest feel into our name, and with being so close to the Ingall’s homestead in De Smet, I thought “Little Prairie” fit.  We chose a prairie flower and two wheat stems to symbolize our roots!”

Jennifer’s husband, Mark, is also part owner in the business. He is the build it, do it, fix it, haul it, problem-solving gentleman that every business needs! They also have around 10 part time baristas who help on busier days. Full team = full heart!

“Our team is super important to us and we love the energy they bring with them. Customer service is the basis of our business, and our baristas will not only make a great latte, but also chat with our customers while they wait to make sure everyone leaves with a smile.” Melt our hearts! Being in the hospitality industry, we can all agree that making a customer laugh or smile is just as important as the physical items or services you offer. Jennifer’s team is one of the friendliest around, and has this skill perfected!

They are constantly revolving seasonal flavors that are perfect for the type of weather we’re having, or a certain holiday that may be coming up. Just like a brick and mortar coffee shop, they have their favorite drinks for summer or fall or winter. They really try to pick things that go with the mood of the event or time of year!

One of the things we love most about Little Prairie Coffee is that they don’t serve ONLY coffee-based beverages. They create smoothies, chais, lemonades, energy tikis, Italian cream sodas, hot chocolates, and more! They serve all members of the family, and can also adjust their menu to the type of event they are serving. Perhaps a wedding in July will get more smoothie options and less hot beverage options. Maybe your winter wedding could have a hot cocoa bar along with the hot coffee beverages! The options are endless with this team.

“Weddings are one of our favorite private events to serve. While we love to share the love of coffee with the couple, we realize not everyone is a coffee drinker. If coffee isn’t their thing, we still love couples who want to share great beverages with their guests on the special day.”

If you are wanting to get more ideas about how Jennifer and her team can best serve you during your event, she is just a phone call or email away!

Contact Jennifer and her team today to get your wedding caffeinated!

605-651-5728 | | | littleprairiecoffee

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