Corporate Event Planning: Decorating for Bowe’s Construction 40th Anniversary Party

Bowes Construction — what a huge part of the Brookings community. February, 2015 was a big month for them. Not only did they plan a 40th anniversary party and retirement party for Lyle and Marcia in one night with over 400 guests attending, but they were also awarded the “Family Business of the Year” from the Brookings Chamber of Commerce. We were honored when they approached us about decorating for their event.

Miranda Bowes, the Bowe’s Construction main contact for this event, is one of a kind. She’s a strong woman in a male-dominated industry. She’s organized, graceful, decisive, and has creative intelligence. I fully credit her with the underlying success of the event, because she was so on top of it! Hitch brought together the decorations, the flowers, the photo booth recommendation, the set up and the take down. Our team successfully decorated tables AFTER the dirt had settled from the bulldozers that were also brought into the event! Bowes brought in one of their original bulldozers from the 1960s in one corner of room — and their newest bulldozer in the other corner.

Their milestone event took place on Valentine’s Day, so we also decided that using red roses in the centerpieces was a must. It matched their logo and was the perfect parting gift for the women to take with them. While every woman got to take home a long-stemmed red rose from the centerpieces, every guy got to take a custom embroidered Bowe’s cap. People absolutely loved the appetizers, open house, photo booth and dance to celebrate the evening.

Check out the rest of the details below. Thank you, Miranda and all those at Bowe’s who allowed us to decorate for your event!

The Bowe’s Construction retirement party and 40th anniversary party happened in the Swiftel Center in Brookings, SD. Here’s a shot of half the room.
The Caterpillar from the 1960s in one corner of the room on top of a pile of dirt. Had to make it real, right?
A close up of the old bulldozer.
Close up of the newest bulldozer in another corner of the room.
Photo easels around the room and a real bulldozer made this event so custom to Bowe’s Construction.
Black chair covers, black table cloths, steel gray table runners and red napkins. Perfect.
Just one example of the red, black, and metal centerpieces we put together for the event.
At each table, we put small cards that let the women know they could help themselves to a complimentary red rose at the end of the evening, the men can grab a hat, and the couple can head to the photo booth for a take-home memory of the Valentine’s Day event.
Beautiful red roses from Flowers on Main in Brookings, SD.
Hitch was also able to provide a logo design for the DJ to spotlight on the wall in the front of the room.
Another centerpiece option from the evening, including candles, metal frames and red roses.
Just some of the 200 red roses we ordered for the woman to take home.
A nice photo of the embroidered hats for the men to take home as parting gifts.
The ice sculpture lit up for the event. A true work of art in the Swiftel Center.
A tall room calls for some tall centerpieces. Thank you Party Depot for these tall trumpet vases.



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