Wedding Invitations from Hitch Studio: Our Sioux Falls and Brookings Offices!

Wedding stationery designed by Hitch Studio

Hitch Studio is so excited to announce that we have two locations to get your custom wedding invitations: Sioux Falls and Brookings, South Dakota!

Why meet with a professional stationery designer at Hitch Studio to design your wedding invitations? Because you get:

  1.  A printed proof to check for perfect color matching — Once we’ve met, you’ve chosen a design, we’ve perfected the PDF proof for you, then you also get a printed proof on the exact paper you’ve chose, so you can see what your actual wedding invitation will look like! Together, we check for color accuracy, make sure fonts are legible, and make sure everything is aligned!
  2. An etiquette expert helping you with wording — Sometimes there are circumstances like, “My father has passed away and my mother re-married. Who’s names do I list on the invitation and in what order?” Or, “My parents are recently divorced. Should I still list my mother as Mrs. or Ms.?” We are the invitation etiquette experts who can answer those questions for you. Not sure how to tactfully list your gift registries? We have solutions for that too.
  3. More variety in paper and ink — Hitch Studio can get you paper samples in so many colors! This paper can be printed on, used as backing paper, envelopes, belly bands and more. Not only do you have a huge variety of paper options, but also ink options! We can use any ink color to match your wedding color palette EXACTLY. Hitch Studio also used printing companies who can print black ink on black paper, white ink on colored paper, and even gold + rose gold + silver foil! Letterpress? Yep. Other foil colors? Yes. Have an idea? Let’s try it!
Color decks of all envelope and paper colors

4. Custom options like ribbon and pockets — We can make sure you have lace ribbon, satin ribbon, glitter paper bands, and even pockets! We can provide laser-cut pockets, folded pockets, and almost any embellishment you can think of!

5. Trained graphic design experience — We have three graphic design experts and wedding stationery designers on staff (Molly, Taylor, and Renee), so you get exactly what you want (and it’s not choosing out of a book). We mean it. If you find some ideas on Pinterest and want to combine THAT look with THESE colors, but with THOSE fonts, we can do it! And can we add THESE flowers/graphics/elements? The answer is yes! Let’s make sure you get the wedding invitations you’ve dreamed of!

6. We can assemble your invitations, address, and mail them for you — You read that right. Once we design and have them printed, you have the option of taking home all the pieces in a white gift box or we can assemble them for you! That means we use commercial-grade tape to attach your invitations to your pocket, tie any string/ribbon/bands, and insert the invitation cards for you. We stamp the RSVP postcard, we insert everything into your outer envelopes, print on your envelopes with addresses and stamp your outer envelope! We do everything except seal them and physically mail them (although we’ve done that too!). We want you to be able to look through our work and seal them when you’re ready.

7. We can recommend calligraphers for taking your envelopes up a notch —  Have you seen our blog about working with Jamie Morin Designs for calligraphy? She does hand-drawn illustrations, calligraphy, monograms and more. She can even use different ink colors. If you want hand lettering on your invitations or envelopes, let Hitch Studio know.

8. We make sure your wedding stationery coordinates — If you want the fonts, colors, style, and graphics to match throughout your save the dates, wedding invitations, programs, cupcake flavor table tents, name cards, favor tags, reserved table signs, rehearsal dinner invitations and thank you notes, then Hitch Studio is here to help make sure that happens. Your entire wedding will look coordinated, purposeful, cohesive, and well-coordinated. Speaking of coordination, we also offer wedding planning and wedding coordinating services in Sioux Falls and Brookings too!

9. Online companies don’t flash you a smile, offer you a coffee, and tie bows or attach glitter bands — Your wedding invitations are the first piece of your wedding that guests receive, so let’s make sure they’re amazing. Hitch Studio, with designers in Sioux Falls and Brookings would LOVE to meet with you about your wedding invitations! Contact us today.

Wedding stationery designed by Hitch Studio. Black and white ink on black matte paper with silver sparkle brad.
Wedding stationery designed by Hitch Studio
Wedding stationery designed by Hitch Studio. Order any envelope color you’d like!
Wedding stationery favor tags designed by Hitch Studio
Wedding stationery designed by Hitch Studio
Wedding stationery designed by Hitch Studio. Pockets and envelopes assembled by Hitch Studio as well.

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