6 Reasons To Love Custom Wedding Invitations (In-Person vs. Online)

Hitch Design Studio is proud to be located downtown Brookings with lots of walking traffic. We encourage couples to stop in anytime to discuss wedding invitations. We want to give you the one-on-one attention you deserve (along with wine!) in our wedding shop. We can help guide you through pricing, number of insert cards, envelopes, wording, etc. — all the things an online site might not be able to help with. Even our Etsy store is online, but comes with direct support from Carrie and Renee. Call or email anytime for us to answer questions. And when we say custom, we really do mean anything you want. 

1. Hitch knows etiquette rules. We can help with envelope wording, who to list on what line and how to stack the pieces of your invitation so they’re inserted into your envelope correctly. For a list of other etiquette rules, check out this blog post. It’s a little things, right?

2. Hitch knows wording. We know family relationships are tricky, so we can help with how to word invitations involving parents/family/step-parents, deceased and remarried parents. Hitch will help you with other ceremony wording also if you want. (For example, if you’re getting married in a church, you should use the wording “We request the honor of your presence”, but if you’re not getting married in a house of worship, you should use the wording “We request the pleasure of your company.” Of course, rules are made to be broken and anything goes these days.) We can even help with wording in your programs.

3. Hitch can customize, capitalize, and rearrange as needed. Whether words or layout, we will make sure your invitations have a very personal reflection of you two. We can also play around with colors. We’ll send multiple proofs if you want to see your names in different colors, etc. And your color palette isn’t limited to what’s online (like most sites). Have you ever heard of the Pantone Color System? Yep. That means you have over 2,000 colors to choose from! Don’t worry. We’ll help with matching your color to envelopes, envelope liners, fonts and all. When it comes to customizing, maybe you want the story of your proposal worked in with your invitations. Done. Maybe you want your programs to be a cool size with unique wording. Done.

4. Hitch’s quantities can vary. You need 87 save the dates or 123 invitations? Sure. You don’t have to order in sets of 25 or 50. In fact, you could even order 3 extra invitations when your mom decides to invite her long-lost cousins at the last minute. It’s completely up to you. Envelopes come in packs of 50, but you’ll need a few extra of those anyway, right?

5. Hitch loves folds and extras. You can add folds or a pocket to your invitations, make them 2-sided, add twigs, ribboncrystals, feathers, twine, cool paper, black lace and anything else you envision. You’re unique. Shouldn’t your invitations be too? You shouldn’t have to order them straight out of an online template catalog with no personalized service.

6. Hitch is local and will meet you anytime. Granted it can’t be at midnight, in your living room, wearing your pajamas like an online order, but our hours are flexible! Our hours are 11-6 during the week, and by appointment on the weekends. We will text you the minute your invitations are printed and ready! Your order comes with a special gift too. Plus, no shipping costs or waiting for delivery.

Contact us to tell us about your wedding and make an appointment if you’d like.

Need some more inspiration? Our Wedding Invitation board on our Pinterest Page is perfect!

By Renee Halgerson, Owner/Designer, Hitch Design Studio

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