“In Loving Memory” and “Thank You” Wording for a Wedding Program

Q: Besides the order of ceremony and wedding party list, what else should I include in my wedding program?

A: Your wedding program is a great place to include some personal touches. It’s always nice to include a memorial section and a heart-felt thank you. Here are some of Hitch’s favorite examples:

In Loving Memory Examples:
1. As we celebrate our marriage, we have not forgotten those who have passed on, instead, we remember them in our hearts. The bouquet at the front of the church is in remembrance of our family members who are no longer with us; especially _________. In addition to the flower arrangement at the alter, the bride’s bouquet contains family heirlooms from _________ and the rosary her mother received on her wedding day.

2. We lovingly remember our family members who are with us today in spirit. May the bouquet on the altar be a symbol of their presence.

3. The flowers in front of the church are in loving memory of our grandparents who are not able to be here today to celebrate with us, but are watching from heaven and will always be in our hearts. (List grandparents) 

4. The flowers on the unity candle table are in loving memory of those who cannot be here today. Although we cannot see you, we know you are here, smiling down, watching over us as we say “I do”. You are forever in our hearts and in our lives. Today we say our vows in loving memory of you.

Thank You Examples:
1. First and foremost, we would like to thank God for bringing us together. Through him our love will always endure. We would also like to thank our parents for their unconditional love, guidance and influence in our lives. We love you. Words cannot express how thankful we are to be blessed with such wonderful family and friends. Thanks to each and every one of you for being a part of our special day.

2. To our parents, you are our role models, support systems, inspiration and best friends. Thank you for leading us by example. Your display of faith, hope, love and respect will forever guide us in the way we appreciate and cherish one another. We appreciate everything you do for us. We love you and could not thank you enough. To our families and friends, you fill our lives with love and laughter. It means the world to us to have you here. We hope that you enjoy tonight’s celebration.

3. We would like to thank our family and friends for sharing with us, the first day of our life together and for traveling both near and far to be here. We have been blessed by your gracious love, support and friendship over the years. We especially want to thank our parents who are such an inspiration for us and taught us to love from the beginning.

4. We feel truly blessed to have each of your here today to witness the joining of two hearts in the presence of God. The friendship, love and support you have shown means so much to us. A special thanks to those who have traveled a long distance to be here today. An extra special thanks to our parents who made this day a dream come true. Your love and support made us the people are today. Love, (names)

5. To our family and friends, thank you. It means the world to have you here today. Thank you for being our support system, our encouragement, our partners in crime and for loving us through the ups and downs of life. For being our mentors, teachers and guides. You have helped to make us who we are and for that we are forever grateful. So please enjoy today and let it be but a small gift for all you have done. You are our favorite people in the world and we love you.

If you need help writing your thank you or memorial section, Hitch Design Studio has a lot of wording examples. You can look at what others have written for inspiration.

Q: What if we are writing our own vows? Should we include that wording on the program?

A:  I think it’s a great idea. If you’re in a large church/outdoor area (or you speak softly or start tearing up), chances are the guests in the back of the church won’t be able to hear what you’re saying. Adding the wording from your very personal vows allows your guests to follow along and makes your program a nice keep-sake. If you want other ways to personalize your program, maybe you include a (brief) story of how you and your fiancé met or how he proposed. Or making your story into a graphic masterpiece is a fun way to do it too.

For any other questions about what to include in your wedding program, contact us, and set up an appointment today!

By Renee Halgerson, Owner/Designer, Hitch Design Studio

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