12 Tips for the Day After Your Wedding

There is so much advice and tips for planning your wedding. We published a wedding planner book to help you through all of them, so we get it! But why doesn’t anybody talk about the morning after your wedding? That deserves some attention too!

Here come 12 tips for things to do the day after your wedding:

  1. If you’re planning a gift opening or brunch in the morning, don’t schedule it too early. Give yourself time to sleep and relax on your 1-day anniversary! Don’t stress about rushing around first thing in the morning.

    Idea: If you feel like you didn’t get much time alone on your wedding day with your husband or wife, take the time to have a slow breakfast together the next day. Just you two and some love and laughs.
  2. Delegate tasks like returning the tuxes and rented decor (or use Hitch Studio so you don’t have any decor to return! We do all the wedding decoration set up and take down for you!) You aren’t going to want to deal with that or run any errands.
  3. Plan your honeymoon so you DON’T leave the day after your wedding. It gets to be too much. Enjoy a day of saying farewell to friends and family, opening cards, reading your guest book signatures, and reminiscing. Give yourself a couple of days (or months!) to unpack from the wedding and repack for the honeymoon so you don’t forget to enjoy what a momentous day you just had! Don’t let the stress of traveling overshadow it.
  4. When opening gifts and cards, have someone write down gifts/names for thank you notes to save you some time and keep you organized.
  5. ONLY open your email if you want to ask your photographer for one or two photos to add to your thank you notes. Otherwise, only check your phone when you want to. Don’t get overwhelmed by invoices and things landing in your inbox.
  6. Sit and enjoy going through candid photos and videos of the day from friends! There’s bound to be some great images that you got tagged in.
  7. Either serve what’s left of your wedding cake to the brunch guests, or freeze top layer of your cake so you can enjoy it on your first wedding anniversary!
  8. Make a pile of any unwanted gifts for you to exchange or return.
  9. Make arrangements to have your wedding bouquet preserved and dress cleaned/preserved.
  10. Put aspirin, water, and food by your bed. You’ll thank yourself the morning after you wedding!
  11. If you have downtime and you’re still feeling ALL THE LOVE from your wedding, write online reviews of your favorite vendors so future brides know what to expect.
  12. Just enjoy. Seriously, sit back with your husband or wife and SOAK IT ALL IN. Live happily ever after!

And while you’re taking it easy the day after your wedding, scroll through this beautiful wedding at Country Road Barn in Watertown, South Dakota! Pampas grass, dried flowers, neutrals, and some sweet sentiments to her late grandmother. All the decor you see in these photos was included in the wedding planning package! Plus, we set everything up that morning and took it all down after the dance so the couple didn’t have to worry about a thing. We also officiated this wedding. What can we say? We LOVE love! Congratulations, Anna + Chris! We enjoyed planning your wedding and decorating your ceremony and reception!

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