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Your wedding is a truly magical day filled with love, joy, and unforgettable moments. From the stunning venue to the carefully chosen attire, every detail plays a significant role in creating cherished memories. Among these details, wedding flowers hold a special place as they symbolize beauty, elegance, and the essence of the day. Preserving your wedding flowers is a wonderful way to capture and cherish your precious blooms, allowing you to relive the magic of your special day for years to come. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why a bride should consider preserving her wedding flowers.

  • Lasting Memories
    Your wedding day is an event you want to remember forever. Preserving your wedding flowers allows you to hold onto the physical representation of the emotions and moments shared on that day. By drying and preserving your blooms in epoxy resin, you can create stunning keepsakes that will serve as a constant reminder of the love and happiness experienced during your wedding day!
  • Sentimental Value
    Wedding flowers often hold deep sentimental value. They are carefully selected to match the theme, colors, and style of the wedding. Each bouquet, boutonniere, and centerpiece is meticulously designed to reflect the personality and taste of the couple. Preserving these blooms allows you to preserve the sentiment attached to them, providing a tangible connection to that significant milestone in your life.
  • Personalized Décor
    Preserved wedding flowers offer unique opportunities for personalized décor. Incorporating your dried or pressed flowers into your home décor can add a touch of elegance and a personal touch to your living space. By repurposing your preserved flowers, you can extend the beauty and significance of your wedding day into your everyday life.
  • Family Heirlooms
    Preserving your wedding flowers can create a meaningful heirloom to pass down through generations. Imagine the joy and nostalgia your preserved bouquet or arrangement will bring to your future children or grandchildren. They can marvel at the beauty and sentimental value encapsulated in those delicate petals, continuing the legacy of your special day and the love that surrounds it.
  • An Investment
    Weddings are expensive, and flowers can be a significant part of the budget. Preserving your wedding flowers is an investment that will allow you to enjoy their beauty for an extended period. Instead of spending money on fresh flowers that will eventually wither, preserving them allows you to maximize their lifespan and relish in their splendor long after the wedding day has passed.

About Addy Marie Designs

Ashley Akers is the founder of Addy Marie Designs, specializing in epoxy resin floral preservation, based in Loudoun County, Virginia. Having a desire to create meaningful art that brings joy to people, Ashley believes “there is so much beauty, meaning, and life that is held within each flower that we touch.” She preserves flowers from any meaningful moments in life including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and funerals. The first flowers preserved were from her grandmother’s funeral florals; she made individual pieces for family members, as a surprise and a way to cherish the memories of their grandmother.

“It brings absolute joy to my heart to know that I can offer this service to others whether it’s to hold the memory of a loved one, or to remember a special day.”

Ashley Akers, Founder of Addy Marie Designs

How the magic happens 

You will receive full detailed instructions after booking Addy Marie Designs!
Read a full description of the process from beginning to end, here.

  1. Select a design from Addy Marie Designs!
    Based on your budget and the size of flowers you’re wanting to preserve, you can choose from a variety of designs from floral blocks, acrylic trays or bookends. You can also select add-ons such as ring holder, jewelry dish, business card holder, wine bottle stopper, ornaments and more! View all the beautiful designs and pricing here!
  2. Packaging your flowers
    The best way to ship bouquets is to leave it fully intact, (partial bouquets or separate flowers can be sent if this is preferred). Use packing peanuts or newspaper to cushion your bouquets or individual flowers. Flowers must be shipped overnight or two-day shipping.
  3. Trim and dry flowers
    When received, your flowers will be professionally dried in high-quality silica gel. Once covered in silica gel, the flowers will stay in a cool, dry place in an air-tight container until the order is ready to design!
  4. Remove from silica gel and design
    The submitted design will be reviewed and the creation begins! During the process, photos will be sent to receive feedback and approval. They will tweak and design until both parties feel it is perfect!    
  5. Pouring the resin
    Resin art is a time-sensitive process that requires multiple layers (as many as 7-8) of resin, each layer taking 24-hrs to cure before pouring the next. iCoat Epoxy Resin is used, which has minimal bubbles, and does not overheat the flowers during the curing process. It is also UV-Resistant and will stay crystal clear for many years. Most blocks take 1.5-2 weeks to complete and ship out once the pouring process begins.
  6. Finishing touches
    Once the preservation has cured for 24 hours, the design is removed from the mold. Photos are sent to the customer and the design is carefully packaged. Each design comes in a pink velvet Addy Marie Designs bag. The beautiful preservation is shipped to your home and will be all yours to display, forever!

If you’d like to learn more about Addy Marie Designs and are interested in having your florals preserved, visit the frequently asked questions page

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