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Wedding Etiquette

5 Common Wedding Gifts That Are Actually Terrible

Picking out a gift for a family or friends’ wedding can be a challenge. It’s always hard to know how much you should spend, how personal the gift should be (should I really give another gift card?!), what the couple actually wants, and more importantly — what the couple doesn’t want. Before I dive into…

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Wedding Invitations: Addressing the Envelopes Correctly

Weddings are full of etiquette rules. Some rules were made to be broken! (Examples: who says you need wedding cake, who says you can’t have a bridesman or a groomswoman, who says you can’t get married on a Friday?!)  Addressing your envelopes with the names on your guest list is one of those etiquette rules…

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Millennials Are Actually Awesome At Marriage

One of the divisions of Hitch Studio is wedding styling and wedding invitations, which means the team here at Hitch LOVES LOVE! Hitch Studio co-owner and wedding coordinator & stylist, Renee Halgerson, values each and every second she spends with couples preparing for their happily ever after. In fact, the majority of the brides we…

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Your Wedding Stationery Timeline

I think it is safe to say that no matter what type of event you are planning, time is of the essence, but especially when it comes to your wedding day! With all of the little details, planning, prepping, and everything in between it can be easy to set your wedding stationery on the back…

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What to Tip Your Wedding Vendors

Uh oh — the dreaded word, “tipping.” Not because you’re cheap or you don’t value a good tip, but because tipping can be SO awkward, especially when it comes to your wedding! Who do I tip? When do I tip? What do I tip? Can I tip myself?!  🙂 There are no hard concrete rules…

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