2024 Wedding Trends

Change is inevitable and when it comes to weddings, they are no exception; trends are constantly shifting from year to year. Couples want to commemorate their love, keeping in mind both uniqueness and traditionality; bringing their personal values and interests to create lasting memories for themselves and their loved ones. With another year coming to an end, we’ll continue to see a few 2023 trends stick around, but we’re excited for all the new trends we’ll see! Being in the Midwest, we typically won’t see all these come to fruition, but here is a list of 2024 wedding trends we are hearing about and hope to see some in this next season.

10 trends for 2024 weddings:

1. Bold and colorful color palettes
Although the crisp white and clean neutrals are still here (which we love!). We are predicting a lot of color this next year as well. At Wedding MBA (Wedding Pro convention) this year, we noticed a lot of fuchsia being used in florals, invitations and accents throughout, bringing a bold and brightness. We are also seeing combinations of many different colors being used. BRIDES + Minted, collaborated and chose – Marseille Bleu – as the Wedding Color of the Year; this rich blue would add a bold touch to any wedding! 2024 Pantone Color of the Year is Peach Fuzz – a warm and elegant color. We’re predicting we’ll see many peach and pinks throughout the year!

More ideas from Wedding MBA: Textured linens are trending which could be a fun pop of color to your wedding!

2. Implementing themed dress codes 
If you want to add cohesiveness to the aesthetics of your wedding, asking guests to dress in a specific color or color palette, can truly enhance the ambiance. Guests will have fun with this and can add to the uniqueness of your wedding! Your photographer will love this and allow for beautiful photos throughout your wedding day.
Wondering how to incorporate a dress code on your wedding invitations? We have advice on etiquette and design them for you – inquire here!

3. Small centerpieces with candlelight
Candlelight definitely brings elegance and romance to the ambiance of any space. We see an increase in candlelight throughout the décor; lining a table, welcome area or ceremony aisle with lots of different height candles.  We are also seeing the use of smaller vases and bottles, delicate centerpieces and more compact and shorter floral arrangements.

4. Mini bouquets
We’ve been hearing about small and compact bouquets; giving an elegant and chic look to any wedding style. White roses are trending this year which would be perfect for a mini bouquet. Another option would be to have bridesmaids carry miniature bouquets that accent the bridal bouquet. A bonus with this trend is that it can be an area to save some money!

5. Mini cakes with lots of dessert options
Petite size cutting cakes are on the rise and even heart-shaped cakes for the couple! For the guests, having many more options being available like mini cheesecakes, brownie bites, donut holes, cookies, and traditional family desserts.

6. Small + short ceremonies
A word we are seeing more of for this next year is ‘intimate’ – smaller gatherings, short ceremonies, personal moments for the couple and focusing on important moments throughout the wedding day. Many wedding ceremonies lasting no more than 20 minutes and often times, being performed by friends or family.
Did you know all Hitch Studio Certified Wedding Planners are ordained to perform wedding ceremonies?

7. Small wedding party
Speaking of ceremonies, another trend is having the wedding party sit, focusing on a more intimate ceremony, and eliminating any distraction from the couple. We also foresee smaller wedding party’s or none all together. Loved ones will still celebrate with the couple but without having a designated title or responsibilities!

Photo credit: J. Bowman Photography

Photo credit: J. Bowman Photography

8. Creating “Wow” moments to generate a lasting impression
We see “wow” moments being implemented in many areas – dramatic ceiling installs, surprise dances, cold sparklers during a first dance, elaborate food presentations and unique photo backdrops. These are statement pieces that will have guests talking about your wedding for years to come. Read more ideas on how to “wow” your guests, here!
Our newest black and white backdrop is perfect for an elaborate photo backdrop at your reception!

More ideas we learned from Wedding MBA: Bubble fog machines, Dance floor wraps, Personalized drink toppers,

9. Wedding Day content creators
We know technology is constantly evolving, which comes with more opportunities! We’re hearing about couples hiring a wedding day content creator to capture the wedding day from a social media standpoint. Different from a videographer, who will be capture the day as a whole, but this will be focused on content specifically for social media sharing. A fun concept – you won’t be carrying your phone around on your day, so have someone else capture these fun moments to share!  

10. Interactive experiences for guests
Again, finding ways to leave lasting impressions for guests is a highlight. Some fun ideas are audio or photo experience guests books, fun seating charts or food and beverages that allow for guest interaction like champagne walls!
Check out this featured wedding that included a champagne wall from Prairie Lane Vintage Rental and an eight-foot tall hanging seating chart, designed by Hitch Studio.

More ideas we learned from Wedding MBA: Gumball machine filled with wedding favors, Arcade claw machine fill with alcohol shooters, phone message “guest books” and interactive photo booths!

photo credit: Erica Lynn Photography

Photo credit: Hitch Studio

Photo credit: Hitch Studio

Photo credit: Hitch Studio

We love hearing about the new wedding trends, but our favorite details about a wedding are YOURS! We love to hear about how you’ll make your wedding unique to you and your partner! We’d love to sit down with you and chat about how Hitch Studio can be apart of your day, to bring your dream wedding to fruition. Reach out to schedule a meeting!

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