Tips for Writing Your Wedding Vows

Don’t stress about writing your wedding vows. It’s more important for your sentiments to be true and personal

than perfect. If you need some tips, here are a few things to think about when writing your personal wedding vows:

• Talk about length and tone with your fiance (will it be short and sweet, long and funny, etc.)

• Research examples of vows you like, then personalize them for your relationship.

• Start on them early. Take notes as you think of stories and talking points in the months before your wedding. (Take these notes in your phone if that’s easiest!) You can always refine these talking points to make a cohesive set of vows.

• If nothing else, use book quotes, song lyrics, movies, and poems to inspire you!

• Start by sharing your love, admiration, and a compliment for your fiance (“You look so handsome today”).

• Be sentimental and heartfelt.

• Include meaningful and realistic promises/vows. (“I promise to….”)

• Use tasteful stories that make your future spouse shine (nothing embarrassing).

• Share your visions for the future and call on the support you’ll need from others (like parents, friends, etc.).

• Practice speaking your vows out loud. Practice your pace and pauses.

• Don’t lose them. Have an extra copy for the ceremony. (If you’re writing them in a special vow book, have them done before the wedding day because the photographer will want to use your vow books in detail shots.)

If it helps, run your vows past a trusted friend or parent. They’ll give you honest feedback. No matter what, these vows are coming from YOU and your fiance loves YOU!

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