Top 10 Wedding Trends in 2023

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Here they are. The top 10 most popular things couples are doing at their weddings this year! 2023 is the year of simple colors with extravagant details!

Couples are focusing on the experience rather than the décor with these amazing wedding enhancements:

1. No Color is the Color

We all remember the amazing, dried florals and neutral, earth-toned color pallets in 2021 and 2022. This style is still making a beautiful impact this year, but the black & white, simple, clean pallets are making an even bigger appearance. We are so in love with the timeless and elegant feel of the crisp, black, and white modern style. Hitch Studio has the perfect decorations for you to achieve that effortless and simple look!

2. Cold Sparklers That Light Up the Dance

Do you want those incredible sparkler photos with you and your love, but don’t trust your guests with fire at the end of the dance? Well, thanks to some new technology, cold sparklers are taking off this year! The sparks themselves are around 60 degrees Fahrenheit sparks and cause no damage to venues or the environment. You can literally hold a piece of paper over them, and it won’t catch fire! These add a bright glow to your first (or last) dance together as a new married couple. Want to give these a try? Our friends at DJ Jer Events in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, are experts at timing their Sparkulars’s experience. It’s a fun and safe way to party!

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3. Intimate Ceremonies with a Large Reception

We are seeing a big trend in 2023 as couples make a bigger split in attendance between their ceremonies and receptions. Brides and grooms are wanting to shrink the size of their ceremony to include only their immediate family members and friends – around 10-20 people. These micro ceremonies make for a more private, romantic, and intimate feel on the wedding day. Without having all eyes on them, couples can read their vows while feeling so much more relaxed. This also give the family members the best view and eliminates distractions that come with more guests. One thing we want couples to keep in mind, is you may need to send out two separate wedding invitations. Hitch is here to help when it comes to using proper etiquette on your invites!

4. Pets Making an Appearance in the Ceremony

Do you have a special furry friend that you want to incorporate into your wedding? We want that, too! We are seeing more and more of these pets make their way into photos and ceremonies on the wedding day. There is even a business called Doggy Social that provides a pet attendant for the day so that you can have the best of both worlds (entertaining your pet + focusing on getting married)! We are so excited that couples are finding such intimate twists to their ceremonies!

5. RSVP by Scanning a QR Code

Many couples are saving some money by having their guests RSVP to their wedding by scanning a custom QR code on the back of their invitation. This saves money by eliminating the RSVP card + RSVP card’s envelope + RSVP return postage that is typically sent along with the wedding invite. It also may save on postage for the invite, too, especially if you are using a thicker stationery paper to print on. This not only saves money, but TIME, too! The QR code is typically linked to a wedding website, usually on TheKnot, or Zola, and can take your guests to all of your wedding information – like registries, timeline of the day, hotel/shuttle accommodations, reception address or map, etc. These websites also track the RSVPs for you so that you don’t have to keep a spreadsheet or try to decipher handwriting from those who forget their names on their RSVP card. It is no mystery why so many couples are opting for QR codes this year. Hitch has graphic designers on staff waiting to help you. Check out these amazing invitation suites that Hitch designed!

6. Personal Charcuterie Boards for Guest Tables

I am sure you have seen those elaborate grazing tables at bridal showers, anniversaries, and other fun events, but have you noticed them starting to make their way into weddings? We are so excited to see these delicious meat and cheese boards become a part of the table décor. Couples are wanting to raise the formality of their social hours by providing fancier and more personalized snacks for their guests, and an 8-person charcuterie board is exactly the thing! Another great thing about this trend is that the boards add another decorative aspect to banquet tables!

They are also relatively easy to prepare yourself, but if you decide making 30 mini boards just won’t fit into your timeline, you can always hire someone like our amazing friend, Landi, with Cultivated in Love in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She is THE BEST at creating those custom charcuterie boards with exactly what fits you as a couple. We would recommend her every time.

7. Speak – Easy Inspired Parties

Take us back to the Roaring 20s! The luxury, the comfy seating, the social feel. THAT is what couples are wanting for their guests. That dark, romantic, jewel-toned, extravagant scene is the perfect way to wow your guests and bring them to not only your reception party, but to an experience that they will remember forever. These parties often have fancy cocktail, passed appetizers, and private rooms or game spaces for groups of guests to hang out in. Renting furniture can be a challenge, but our friends at Ideal Tent & Event Rentals in Tea, South Dakota make this task a breeze!

8. Wedding Parties Sitting During the Ceremony

As we talked about earlier, couples are opting for more intimate ceremonies. Another way they are cutting down on the traditions is by having their wedding party sit down for the ceremony. You may want to ask the venue to set out a few more chairs in the front two rows to accommodate for your parents, grandparents, and wedding party members. The feeling of being up front together alone is exactly the intimate touch many couples are wanting this year. Your bridal party still feels like they are part of the ceremony by being up front with your closest family members, but the transitions between vows, unity ceremony, and readings are a lot easier with less people standing up front. The focus is totally on the couple with this one! After all, today is about YOU!

9. Disconnected Floral Arches

Florists are defying gravity this year with their disconnected floral arches. These nature inspired arches will never go out of style, but the look of them is gradually changing. These make such a statement piece in any ceremony setting, whether you are indoors or out. The popular style this year involves a smaller floral piece next to a larger, more curved floral piece.

We loved working with Island Floral for this amazing arch installation at The Atrium at Blue Haven in Sioux Falls. We are so excited to see how couples create their own twists on these timeless pieces.

10. Saving the Environment One Grand Exit at a Time

Instead of fireworks and sparklers, couples have started doing flower tosses for exits to help save the environment! Ask your florist about ordering some extra flower petals for an environmentally flower toss at the end of your ceremony, or at the end of your dance. You can also purchase dried, pre-packaged florals, like lavender petals, from Etsy! The work is done, and they smell amazing. It’s a win-win!

Photo by Lily Monroe Photography/LilPerspective Photography

Do you want to take these ideas and apply them to your own wedding this year?

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