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I believe in my heart and soul that no matter your status or situation, if it’s for a job interview or your wedding reception, having good manners at a dinner table is a lifelong skill.

My name is Renee Bauman, owner of Hitch Studio in Brookings, SD and I give fun dinner etiquette trainings and sell a 5-page guide to go with it! Contact me if you’d like to me to be a session at your next conference or do a private event with you and some close friends! I’ve also done this for employees for a team-building exercise! Of course, food is involved, so it’s always fun!

Want Renee to speak at your next conference or corporate retreat?

So, why is dinner etiquette so important? To make sure your personality and conversation shine at dinner — not your etiquette faux pas. 

Knowing which fork to use, how to be gracious and polite, and how to excuse yourself from the table properly gives you the confidence to focus on more important things during dinner — like who you’re with and why you’re there. Soak it all in. Because soon, you’ll be a pro at this dinner etiquette thing. 

Here’s wishing you confidence, encouragement, and showing some impressive new skills to the people you’re dining with. May the BEST of you shine!

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