I’m entering my senior year at South Dakota State University (SDSU), located in Brookings, South Dakota, and after participating in move-in days, mid-terms, finals weeks and everything in between a couple times, I’ve learned a few things. Like any senior, I have my fair share of responsibilities with student organizations and various jobs. Along with these never-ending responsibilities comes a (not-so-short) list of necessities to stay organized.

Because my role has changed a bit from being a customer of Hitch to now being the intern, I have gotten to know what Hitch can do for their customers, including staying organized. Not only do they specialize in wedding invitations, wedding planning, and graphic design, they also run a cute boutique of paper and stationery items! Hitch does so much more than weddings! Granted, I’ve helped with a couple weddings and designed a website or two now, but one of my favorite tasks at Hitch Studio is inputting inventory. Opening the boxes and checking out all the new products has reminded me that all my favorite things are in one store! (And I keep find excuses to buy them!)

Are you a college student? Busy mom? Are you climbing the ranks at your current demanding job? No matter what stage of life you’re in, staying organized never goes out of style. 

Here is a list of 5 necessities every woman in the real world will appreciate.

  1. A planner – Life gets chaotic. Especially if you can’t remember if the Spanish oral exam is this Thursday or next…or maybe you’re supposed to pick up your son at soccer practice but he also might be at a play date… hmmm. Stay up to date and on top of responsibilities with a planner, agenda, personal assistant or anything you want to call it. With brands like Kate Spade, ban.do and Studio Oh!, I’m confident we will have one that will meet your needs!

planner4  planner5  planner6


2. A good pen – Boy, oh boy, do I appreciate a well-designed pen. I’m almost positive you know what I mean. There is a certain kind of gratefulness we all have for a pen that glides across the paper with ease. We have Studio Oh!, Kate Spade and Orla Kiely, with some awesome color selections and point sizes.

otherpen katespadepen


3. A notebook/journal – I love my notebooks/journals. I have at least 10 half-filled notebooks with pages full of doodles, design ideas, quotes, passive aggressive reminders, goal and dreams, and just about anything that is said during class that could be on the exam. Hitch Studio has TONS of journals because we completely understand your obsession 🙂 Orla Kiely, C.R. Gibson, Studio Oh!, Old Tom Foolery, Iota, Plumb, Knock Knock, Rifle Paper Co., and Fringe are just a few brands we have for you. We have notebooks that are spiral bound, some that can hold your favorite pen, some that are bright colored, a few sketchbooks, some nice guided journals, and more. Kate Spade has a beautiful full-sized notebook for your next board meeting too.

journalstackgreatdayjournal gratitudejournal


4. A favorite coffee mug – Do not — I repeat, DO NOT — lose or break your favorite mug. When it’s 3am and that psychology final is at 8am, that mug will be more than comforting for your tired eyes and soul. Choose one with a fun saying to kick off your day right.

rectanglemug  katespademug  morningmug


5. A nice set of stationery notes – Sending hand-written thank you notes is a very gratifying and memorable way to stand out at your new job. Read Renee’s latest blog about what happened when she sent 15 cards in 15 days! Who doesn’t love getting a hand-written note? Buying a box of note cards is a must. And hey — you can use your amazing pen while sipping from your favorite coffee cup!

hellostationery  reneecards  floralstationery

So if you’re an incoming freshman or an experienced senior, a busy mom or a successful business woman (and anyone in between), stop by Hitch today and pick out necessities every woman needs for an extraordinary and organized life.

P.S. If you want to check out what we have in the store from the comfort of our couch, we do have an online shop too!

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