9 Unique Wedding Ideas from Hitch Design Studio

Add personal touches to your wedding without spending much!

1. Hitch Design Studio styled a wedding reception last fall and the couple built a wooden bench for their new home. Guests signed the benchwith oil-based markers as their guest book! Cute. Another idea is to have couples send in a piece of fabric that reminds them of you and then make all the pieces into a patchwork quilt. (A variation of this is to send out the pieces of fabric that you’ve chosen and have guests write a message on it and bring it to the wedding!)

2. On your reply card, not only ask guests for their RSVP info, but ask them to request a song to be played at the dance! (They LOVE it when their song plays.) “If you play ___________ by ____________, we promise to get up and dance.”

3. Use hand-written notes or personal photos to label each table for your seating chart.

4. Instead of a host and hostess releasing tables to help themselves to your reception buffet, label each table with a song. When the DJ plays one of your favorite songs, it’s that table’s turn to get up and eat! (Or the DJ asks trivia about the couple and the table with the right answer gets to go!)

5. Dry all the flowers you’ve ever received from your fiance and use those as flower girl confetti or for guests to toss after the ceremony.

6. Dig up both sets of parents’ wedding day photos of them cutting their cakes, and put those historic photos by your cake table for a personal touch.

7. Use family heirlooms in your bouquet or dress! Use your grandma’s wedding broach, your mother’s veil, your great-aunts beautiful sapphire ring, etc.

8. 51% of couples personalize their favors, which means you can order flameless candles, decks of cards, sparklers, chocolates, little jars of honey, little bags of your favorite treat…anything that fits your theme! If it has you and your sweetie’s names and/or wedding date on them, guests are more likely to keep it! With the exception of personalized M&M’s.  🙂

9. Tips for your wedding invitations: Don’t skimp on the save-the-dates. They’re the first glimpse your guests get of your wedding! Don’t get your colors too matchy-matchy. Gold is a great, classic color to use in your color palette. Using envelope liners are one of the cheapest ways to make your invite pop! Use proper wedding invitation etiquette when addressing and listing people on your invitation.

Have fun!

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By Renee Halgerson, Owner/Designer, Hitch Design Studio

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