One of our core values at Hitch Studio is giving back to our community. And we LOVE supporting organizations with missions that support women, children, art and/or education. Renee is a very passionate volunteer and board member for Women In Leadership and Learning (WILL) and on January 29, WILL hosted its third annual women’s leadership conference — The Summit. This year’s theme was “Gear Up”.

Hitch Studio also had the honor of decorating this great Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce event. Sometimes the little details (like gifts for attendees, top-notch speakers, and nicely decorated tables) make a world of difference. That’s our goal as a small business and volunteer in a community we love: To raise the bar on events, education, and organizations we love.

Here’s one way we know how. Hitch Studio used our blush pink linens and table runners to accent the WILL brand colors — teal and purple. Put those colors together with silver accents, and you get this beautiful room full of decorations. Even more beautiful? The women in the room who all came together to invest in themselves.

If you’d like your next conference, seminar, or workshop to “wow” attendees with your attention to detail, consider asking how Hitch Studio can help with event planning or event decorating.

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