The Five Things I Learned During My Internship with Hitch Studio

As my summer internship with Hitch comes to a close, it is now time to reflect back on the MANY wonderful (and some not so wonderful) things I learned about being a wedding planner. Overall, my experience was the best start to my professional career that I could imagine. Now as a “seasoned” associate of Hitch Studio, I would love to share it with you.

1. Never assume everything will go as planned.

There is a reason this is my number one point. You can spend hours planning, making lists, and confirming with vendors, but some things will just not go as planned. I think this is one of the most important things to know before you become a wedding planner, or work with any events. You must learn to think quickly on your feet and fix the problem before it is a problem! We know that sometimes the magic lies in the unpredictable, but it’s still our job to make things run as smoothly as possible.

2. Always be prepared for South Dakota weather.

The first wedding I helped with was in an ice and snow storm, my second wedding was in a thunderstorm, and my third happened during a tornado. No matter what time of the year, have an extra change of clothes, shoes, and a jacket in your car. Trust me.

3. There will be good and there will be bad.

This was hard for me to accept. Not all brides, mothers, facilities will go well. Some days there will be potholes and others will be sinkholes. Stay confident in yourself and the services you provide. This is your passion for a reason! Sometimes the bride is extra picky, sometimes the cake is late, or the caterers don’t bring enough napkins. It will be okay! Get creative and find a solution. This is what makes this job different and fun. 
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