Pinterest is the greatest (and lets be real — cruelest) invention ever. With endless amounts of ideas, concepts, crafts, techniques and life hacks, this site is a marketplace for collecting ideas and collaboration. Many businesses utilize Pinterest for showing pins of home décor, appetizing food, stylish women and seemingly effortless arts and crafts. Hitch Studio even has its own Pinterest board overflowing with all of our incredible custom wedding invitations and centerpiece decorations.

Thanks to our friends at The Knot, (another great wedding-planning app), they put together a list of things you need to know about getting married in South Dakota, and the first thing that was addressed was cost. South Dakota has a lower cost average than most states, but $14,000 for a wedding is a lot of money. How awesome would it be to save some of that for the honeymoon or buying your first house by doing a little DIY for the big day? Well, not so fast…

DIYCraftSuppliesAs summer and wedding season is winding own, I noticed one thing: every single wedding I saw on social media or attended in person included some type of DIY craft. Any why not? Seemlingly effortless…money-saving…again, let’s pause on the DIY for a minute.
Every Pinterest DIY veteran knows that what you see is not always what you get. You might think you’re going to save a ton of cash by DIY’ing your own boutonniere, centerpieces, party favors and guestbook, but the reality is that when you’re planning a wedding, time is money. Consider making ping-pong ball lights (which sound so trendy and hip). You have to buy a couple hundred ping-pong balls from who knows where, 15 strands of lights, and take into account the amount of time it takes to cut the little holes in all 523 balls and put the lights inside without them sliding out… now that’s time-consuming. And that’s just one little portion of one little aspect of your wedding décor!

Preparing for a wedding is a job in itself (they are called wedding planners!) and when everyone in your wedding party has their own full time job, significant other, maybe some kids and a very cuddly and time-consuming dog, time is not something most of us have a lot of extra to give away freely.
As you plan your special day, just remember there is a time and place for everything and sometimes we have to decide when it is worth the effort for doing a project your self vs. having a professional come in and get it done quickly and efficiently (and sometimes at less cost!).

When it comes to your wedding day bliss, stay blissful! Let Hitch Studio take on some of the stress for you! We will decorate your ceremony and reception tables — and take down your décor, collect your items (toasting flutes, cake cutters, other decorations, picture frames and the top tier of the cake) and box them up for you to take at the end of the night (or even Monday morning). All of the rest of the décor provided for you by Hitch will get packed up and comes back home with us! That way, your day stays stress-free and hands off and you’re ready for your honeymoon!

We love DIY as much as the next girl, but sometimes your sanity is worth more than the glitter and glue.  🙂

Finally (and most importantly), these words of advice from one of our favorite websites, Offbeat Bride:

“You need to ask yourself, ‘What is my focal point?,’ and then worry only about that one thing. If it’s the centerpieces, then only do the centerpieces. If it’s the DIY photo booth, then make the perfect photo booth and forget the rest. Remember: when you focus on each tiny component of everything, it backfires, and nothing looks like anything.”

Take a look at the pre-made options Hitch has for decorating your wedding and let us know if you see anything you love.

DIY a few things you love and leave the rest to Hitch Studio, wedding planners and decorators. We’ll save you tons of stress and headaches (and glue gun burns), we promise.

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