One of the perks of hiring Hitch Design Studio to be your wedding planner is that you get a centerpiece showcase!

Does this sound like you?

I’m not good at decorating. It’s just not my thing.

I don’t want to have to hire my aunts/cousins to help me decorate the morning of my wedding.

I wouldn’t even know what to buy or rent that looks good together.

I want my centerpieces to look professional.

What would I do with 27 matching vases after the wedding, anyway?

I’m working full-time (I might be a mom as well) and I don’t have time for details like centerpieces when a professional could do it, and do it better and in half the time.

We get it. We’re with you.

Hitch likes to think outside the box and develop new and better ways of doing things, which is why we design a “centerpiece showcase” for you. It’s a sneak-peek into how your reception tables will be decorated on your wedding day. When you fill out our fun wedding style worksheets in our first meeting together, Hitch will get a better feel for your wedding style, colors, theme and atmosphere you’re going for. We’ll talk about all of that to get to know you (and your wedding) better! Then comes the even better part (can it get much better?). Send us your Pinterest board, your worksheet preferences, your colors, your inspiration pictures, and answers to anything that might make your wedding special, unique, custom and memorable…. and….(drum roll, please) we’ll put together a second meeting, which includes a “centerpiece showcase” for you!

Bring your mom, your fiancé, your maid of honor, your family…because this meeting is all about you and your decor. We’ll put together 8-12 different centerpiece options based on your likes and wedding style so you can see, rearrange, mix-and-match and ooooooh over all of your options! It’s like having a personal shopper for your wedding decor. Best of all, most things on the mock centerpieces tables will come in prices ranging from high to medium to low, so you can choose your price comfort. We also vary the height and intricacy of each centerpiece to make sure you love the variety! We save you the time and hassle of styling each centerpiece, but you still get the final say in which ones you love. Hitch even carries the best and cutest in wedding rentals, so we’ll include those on your table as well (since they’re included in your worksheets already!) It’s a match made in heaven.

Interested? Contact us to get a copy of our wedding planning worksheets and to set up a “centerpiece showcase” for you and your wedding!

Here are some “centerpiece showcases” we’ve done in the past couple months:

Navy, Coral and Gold

Rustic Winter Wonderland

Sophisticated Red & Metal

Great Gatsby Inspired

Woodsy Americana Christmas 

Mossy Greens and Wood

Navy and Burnt Orange

Mint & Blush

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