Having a Large Wedding? This Venue in Brookings Holds 400+ People

Do you have a large wedding guest list? Well, there are only two venues in Brookings, South Dakota, that hold that many people comfortably indoors: The Swiftel Center Arena and the SDSU Club Room. Let’s take a closer look at the newest wedding venue in Brookings! Here’s a Q&A about the SDSU Club Room, with an amazing view of the new football stadium and field. If you’re an SDSU grad, this might be a great memory-filled and nostalgic wedding venue for you! Large corporate events are welcome to this space also! Check out these pictures from the SDSU Inauguration in 2016!

Q: How many can the Club room seat comfortably? 
A: For a wedding or event using 5-foot round tables, this space seats 400 people.

Q: How much does it cost to rent the Club Room? 
A: For a full day rental it will cost you $4000 for the space and table/chairs/stage/house sound set up. If you require special set up that we do not have, it may come with additional pricing.

Q: Are the linens included in the price? Color options? Upgrades available? 
A: You would work with Aramark, the in-house catering/linen vendor in-house for those questions!

Q: Are the cocktail tables included in the price for a social hour/mixer event?
A: Yes, cocktail tables are included in the $4000 price.

Q: What is your alcohol policy? Wine? Liquor? Beer? Who can serve it? 
A: Would need to get a permit— and work with Aramark on that. We can only serve wine and beer (no liquor allowed) and  Aramark would need to serve any alcoholic beverages.

Q: What are options for food? Can they bring in any outside food? (Like a wedding cake or mints, nuts, etc.)
A: Aramark takes care of all food questions. They would also need to give permission for outside food.

Q: What are the set up/tear down times for that space?
A: This would depend on if there is an event the night before or the next day. (Ideally we would have nothing before or after in the Club Room so we would be able to have them come do set up the entire day prior and have Sunday to tear down.)

Q: Anything else we should know? (DJ location? Cooler space for cupcakes? Stage rental? Can you hang lights or fabric in that space?, etc.) 
A: We are hoping to have a stage soon! We are so new, I’ll have to check on the other items! The DJ is usually located near the power requirements on either the north or south wall. The dance floor is a built-in tiled floor on the south end.

Contact Hitch Studio if you need help decorating this large event space. We have great tips for filling this space with our taller wedding decorations! Even if you don’t need a full wedding planner, we do suggest hiring Hitch to set up and take down things like your head table backdrop, your table centerpieces, and take care of other details. See our levels of service here.

Take a look inside!

 clubroom_sdsu_1 clubroom_sdsu_2 clubroom_sdsu_3 clubroom_sdsu_decorations1

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