Burgundy + Nature-Inspired Wedding: What Exactly Happens Behind the Scenes as Wedding Planners on a Wedding Day?

I know we keep saying this, but really — this last wedding was one of our favorites!

Blush pink sequined table linens, antlers, mossy green wood logs, drift wood at the head table, lanterns, burgundy napkins, old bottles, a wood cross unity ceremony, gold accents, and ivory. What more could a South Dakota girl ever ask for at a wedding?!

Well, there was a large state of South Dakota made out of wood that all the guests signed. NOW we’re talkin’.

Danielle and Seth were such a pleasure to work with! They had the best taste and built/crafted a ton of stuff themselves, which made it very personal. Hitch Studio loves working with personal decorations! We’ll do just about anything to make sure your wedding day is personal to you two. We’ve helped with LOTS of weddings and we want each wedding to be unique!

Maybe you’ve been wondering all this time — what exactly goes on behind the scenes at a wedding? Well, engaged couples pick different levels of service they want from Hitch Studio. Some choose just decorations and others choose full wedding planning services. For Danielle and Seth, we did a combination of both!

Starting the day before the wedding, we decorated all the tables at the reception held at the Swiftel Center in Brookings, SD. We layered blush pink sequin linens on top of the already beautiful ivory table linens. We added gold chargers to the “reserved” tables (to make them extra special) and placed gold chargers to each place setting at the head table. We used a combination of Danielle’s centerpiece items (cool mossy logs, books, old bottles, and antlers) and Hitch Studio items (ivory lanterns, candles, mossy green plants, mercury glass, gold accents, blush pink flowers, ranunculus, hydrangea and more) to make the tables look wonderful. Our team also set up her head table back drop, with gathers in front and D&S letters hanging above, and put her favors at each place setting — little jars of homemade jam! The Swiftel Center even used Hitch Studio’s bistro lights to make her room extra romantic! Outdoorsy charm if we’ve ever seen it. After the reception was looking gorgeous, we headed to the church to put her hydrangea decorations down the aisle before their rehearsal.

The morning of their wedding, we arrived bright and early at the church to decorate their hand-built altar with fresh flowers on all three sides! We put out photos, signs on easels, the guest book, programs and linens at the ceremony. Then, while part of the Hitch team greeted guests at the wedding, the other team went to the reception to greet early guests to social hour. Why split up our team? The “church team” stays until after the ceremony, loads up any gifts, cards, unity cross, card box, guest book, floral arrangements, and aisle decor and brings it to the reception where it can be enjoyed again! The “reception team” is ready and waiting for the first guests to arrive at social hour. We greet guests, offer to carry their gift to the gift table, encourage them to sign the guest book (or wooden SD in this case!), and hand out “kids meal” card stands to those who need to designate a child’s place setting. We direct guests, help with keeping reserved seating open, and take care of any loose ends (like getting the cake out of the freezer so it’s the perfect temperature for cutting later!), and making sure their wedding slideshow is looped and playing correctly!

Then the bride and groom arrive for dinner! Both sets of Hitch teams are united back together at the reception, where we ask guests near the bar and lobby area to take their seats for the grand entrance. Once dinner starts, we turn off the slideshow to make room for the photo booth coming during the dance. We start cutting the cake in the back prep room, plating it to serve to guests once they’ve made it through the buffet line. We start bringing around both kinds of cake to each table, serving the head table and “reserved” tables of family members and ushers first.

After dessert has been served, we’re on to our next task. Danielle and Seth are having their first dance (that dance floor was so full of love!!), and while all eyes are on them, we bring all the cards and gifts to Daniell’s father’s vehicle and lock them in securely. We like doing this early in the night so nobody gets…curious…by the end of the night.

At the end of their charming wedding night, the Hitch team starts taking down decorations and the head table. We gather up any items that are the family’s (bouquets, flower arrangements, wooden doors, etc.) and offer to help bring them to their vehicle. We make sure everything is cleaned up and all rentals are returned the next day! Easy, stress-free and no hassle for the bride and groom OR their families!

That’s what we do. We keep your cake table refilled, we decorate your ceremony venue and reception, we take on any miscellaneous tasks during the day, and we’re there to answer any questions along the way. We’re wedding planners and stylists and we love it.

Email us to schedule your complimentary one-on-one meeting and see what Hitch can do for your wedding day!

And, before you click, check out these beautiful photos of Danielle and Seth’s wedding day!

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