How to Make Your Wedding Unique (p.s. We love you Jackie & Tony!) (And your Oreo cake) (And your dueling pianos)

Oh, Jackie and Tony. Your wedding was so much fun! We are so happy for you — and can’t wait to enjoy a drink in a copper mug when you get back from your honeymoon.  <3

If you’re trying to make your wedding memorable, unique, fun, stand-out, and extraordinary, take some tips from Jackie & Tony’s wedding.

First of all, they are huge SDSU Jacks football fans and Nebraska Cornhusker fans, so naturally, they chose a wedding date that BOTH teams were playing. (They also gave score updates throughout the day). They also had kissing bells with both teams on them during the reception!

They chose fall colors —navy, burgundy and ivory — and accented them with not just gold, but gold, copper AND silver. The mix of metallics were welcomed with open arms by this girl! (Renee Halgerson, wedding planner, owner of Hitch Studio and a lover of mixed metals).

Instead of traditional wedding cake, they served caramel rolls and cinnamon rolls — a favorite of each Tony and Jackie. And a huge hit at the reception.

Also in lieu of a wedding cake, we made them a cake out of Oreos! Tony’s favorite snack was stacked to perfection.

After the speeches (which were also memorable) (sometimes you can’t plan the most magical moments of the evening), starred their favorite dueling pianos team instead of a traditional DJ! Let’s just say people had TONS of fun singing along and dancing.

As a guest book, Tony and Jackie offered two options: sign their address book AND sign beside your favorite verse in their new family Bible. So sweet and a keepsake for years to come.

At the ceremony, the officiant was able to personalize the sermon to Jackie’s family heritage. It was great that the pastor took the time to preach about the couple and marriage as if he’d known them for years.

Water bottles at the dance had the newlywed’s photo on them. (Always popular with the midnight crowd after a night of dancing).  😉

Every detail of their wedding was carefully crafted to be THEM. It was so personal and unique. If you want your wedding to be this kick-ass, take a few of these ideas and make them your own!

You can always consult with Hitch Studio about how we make weddings so personal. Let’s start with the questions we ask in our initial meeting:

OK, come a little closer. We’re going to let you in on the real secret to throwing a one-of-a-kind wedding: Make it about what you and your groom already love! Fill out the following questions the best you can. 

  1. Where did you meet? Does it have special meaning that you want recreate?
  2. What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing together in your free time? (Besides all this wedding planning!
  3. What is a favorite vacation you’ve taken?
    What is your favorite time of year (and colors)?
  4. What do you love to do together? What defines you as a couple and makes your friends say “Yep. That’s so THEM”?)
  5. What’s your favorite foods, drinks and snacks?
    What are 2-3 things that are most important to you about your wedding day? Do you have special requests?
  6. How do you want your reception to feel when guests arrive? (Cozy, fun, entertaining, casual? Remember, if people are hungry, thirsty, hot or cold, they won’t enjoy themselves as much as they could.)
  7. What are some other things you love as a couple? Why are these such important factors?
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Contact Renee at Hitch Studio to see how we can make your wedding blissfully stress-free and completely YOU. To see packages and how to get started, click here. To see all the items we can use to decorate your wedding, click here. And to answer any questions, check our FAQs here.

If you want more tips on how to make your wedding day memorable, check out these tips on how to make your wedding venue stand out!

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