Is navy one of your wedding colors? Hitch loves this classic color paired with bright hues! Here are some wedding reception tables decorated styled by Hitch Design Studio that might inspire your navy color palette. Tips for decorating with navy:

  • Navy paired with soft candles or a subtle light source looks best so it doesn’t appear too dark or black.
  • Use two table runners together to widen the impact of your navy splash on each table.
  • Table decorations don’t all have to be the same! Change up the height, flowers, complexity, and decorations to keep the dynamic interesting and keep people wanting to see more on your tables.
  • Navy pairs best with chic white or a pop of color — like moss green, coral pink, plum purple or mixed metals like silver, gold and copper.
  • Don’t worry about being too match-matchy with your navy tones. A variation between your bridesmaids dresses and the table linens will be just fine!
  • Sparkles + navy = elegant trend!

Enjoy these newest table decoration table themes by Hitch Design Studio. Beyond navy decor is also a vintage gold, tea party/garden party, blush pink and gray, and fuchsia lines of flowers, card box and copper lanterns lining the entrance, and more…







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