Postponing Your Wedding: Wording, Tips, and What To Do In The Meantime

There are many things that can postpone or reschedule your big day. Family emergencies, natural disasters, or just life in general. Whether it was your choice or not, sometimes dates have to be pushed back. Postponing your wedding can be a choice you make in advance, but sometimes it hits you by surprise and you are left scrambling on what to do, who to call, and what to say. To relieve some of the stress, Hitch Studio has made a guide on postponing your big day.

Recently the COVID-19 Pandemic has left many brides and grooms with heavy hearts and a need to reschedule their weddings. Postponing your big day can be heartbreaking. You have looked forward to this day for a long time and it was taken away from you and your fiancé. It is totally normal (and even healthy) to take some time and cope the loss of your original date. But at the end of the day, staying healthy is everyone’s main priority. So instead of looking at the negatives, take the extra time you now have to make your wedding even more special.

Our Big Day Must Be Pushed Back… Now What?

If your big day is being coordinated with the help of a wedding planner, great! Be sure to keep them in the loop with all the decisions you are making regarding your big day. They are here to take the stress of planning off your shoulders. Hitch Studio specializes in just that. We can reschedule your day, your vendors/wedding professionals, and make sure your contracts are updated. If you are planning your wedding on your own, don’t worry! We have created a step by step plan in order to help all couples who are struggling with postponing their wedding plans.

And don’t forget…rescheduling doesn’t mean cancelling! You’re still going to get to celebrate. And in a healthy and safe way with all the guests you were hoping for in the first place!

Discuss Your Decision with Families and  The Wedding Party

These are the people who were there with you from day one. Inform them as soon as you have made your decision to postpone. You may want to consider asking their availability for dates since these are the people whom you chose to stand by your side on your big day.

First, narrow down new wedding dates with your friends and family first.
Then, get your wedding planner on board with all potential rescheduled dates.
Next, check with your wedding and reception venues to see which dates align with them also. That will most likely narrow down your new wedding date to one or two choices. Be open to a Friday or other day of the week!
Then, check with other vendors like photographer, videographer, florist, etc. to see which of the two dates work best for them.
By now, a new wedding date will bubble to the top.

You may be getting a LOT of questions from friends and family about rescheduling your wedding date. My advice? Pick a day 4-6 weeks before your wedding day and tell them “We are going to monitor the situation closely and will be deciding our final decision for rescheduling/keeping our date by _____, 2020. We’ll let you know at that time what we decide so you have time to make/keep travel arrangements.” That will keep some question on hold for a while. (And your sanity). 🙂

For more ideas on rescheduling, check out this blog we wrote on micro-weddings, shift weddings, and weekday weddings!

Inform Your Vendors

Contact ALL venues, rental companies, photographer, hair + makeup artists, catering company, florist, DJ/band and let them know about your decision to postpone to a new specific date. Your wedding planner can definitely help with this. Have positive attitude and an open mind when working with the different businesses as they have been hit hard with this nationwide pandemic. See which companies are able to work with your new date and which are not. At the point you will be able to negotiate deposits, fees, or other prices that may have changed due to postponing your wedding.

Communicate With Your Guests

The next step to take is letting your guests know what is going on. Use word of mouth to get the news out as soon as possible. Call your close family and friends. Inform your mother and have her call your aunts. Have those aunts inform cousins and other close family members. In the meantime be working on posting to your social media accounts, wedding website, and other forms of online communication. After that is all done, it would be ideal to send out (via mail, email, and/or text) a formal note attached with a new save the date/invitation. Make sure to be clear with the new information regarding your big day. You may have friends or family calling you with questions. The more information you communicate with them the better.

The letter to send your guests informing them of your new wedding date:

Dear friends and family,

We have made the difficult decision to postpone our wedding due to the pandemic we’re facing.

Our wedding was going to be held on ________, 2020 and we will be moving our wedding date back to ________, 2020.

All other details will stay the same. Your health and safety are our top priority!

[Then, I would include a copy/version/graphic of your original wedding invitation with the date changed (to remind people of the time, location, address, etc.)]

We know this may change your travel plans and schedules may change, so please let us know if you are still able to attend — no later than ______, 2020 (one month before your new wedding date).

We will update you if the circumstances or details change. Thanks for understanding and we can’t wait to celebrate with you on _________, 2020!


___________ [Bride and Groom]

The letter to send your guests informing them of your decision:

Dear friends and family,

Our wedding date is currently set for ______, 2020 and we’re hoping it stays that way!

We are monitoring the current situation and government regulations closely, though. We are hoping by _______, we will all be healthy, safe, and ready to celebrate!

If we change our wedding date or any changes do occur, they will be communicated via our wedding website [or other method].

[Bride and Groom]

Let’s break it down one step further. Here is a list of wedding dates and a recommended “What Should I Do? Reschedule or Wait it out?” from the trusted

Once you do choose your new wedding date, Hitch Studio can also help you update or re-design your wedding invitations with the new date. We recommend sending out an updated invitation to all guests. We can help with that, so don’t stress out! We have lots to choose from. 🙂

Nervous about other things like your dress being shipped, honeymoon plans, or bachelorette parties getting rescheduled? This article by TheKnot has great recommendations!

Remain Positive (and Productive!) While Letting Yourself Grieve

Although your big day may be pushed back, it doesn’t mean there isn’t more to do in the meantime! Look at this as a time to stay at home with your future spouse. You now have more free time than ever to create memories together and (of course) make bigger and better plans for your postponed big day!

Things To Do At Home with Your Fiancé:

With all the extra time on your hands, you should take this time to relax, renew, and connect with your future spouse! Below are a few at home date ideas for you and your love.

Perfect your Dancing Skills

Whether you want to polish up your first-dance moves, have some fun with the electric slide, or even learn how to two step you can incorporate dancing into your big day! Create some space and play around with some new dance moves.

Support Local Restaurants and Businesses

Take a look online to see which of your local restaurants are offering delivery or takeout. Call in and sample various restaurants and cafes in your city that you may not have tried before. Local businesses are being hit the hardest right now and can use your support more than ever. Who knows, you may find a new local favorite!

Create a Fancy Date Night

Dim the lights, light a few candles, play some Sinatra, and break out the cookbook because tonight is all about doing the things everyday life doesn’t allow. Use this time to slow down with your fiancé and appreciate the extra time you now get to spend with each other.

Work On Your Wedding Body… Together!

We all know self-quarantine includes lots of snacking … as it should! But that doesn’t mean you can’t still work on your #WeddingBod! Search through YouTube to find some fun and simple couple workouts.

            Here are a couple of real-time workouts for you and your fiancé:

Get creative online!

Start your Wedding Registry! Catch up with friends! DIY some special detail of your wedding. Delegate some tasks to friends or your wedding planner if it’s getting to be too much. Have an online “date night” with your girlfriends. Do whatever it takes to keep that smile on your face. 🙂 Here is a list of ways you can still complete wedding tasks virtually.

Finalize those Wedding Planning Details with the Wedding Day Designer

If you still have a few wedding details to figure out, consider purchasing the Wedding Day Designer! It’s a 58-page timeline, checklist, and all-inclusive wedding planning guide, written by Renee Bauman herself. It has more details than any of the online apps and you won’t miss a thing. Buy yours (or gift one to the bride who needs a smile!)

Although your original date has been postponed, it does not mean the world has ended! It only means you have a few plans to change, people to contact, and more love to give. These are some of the most hard-hitting times for people around the nation. Be kind to one another, support local businesses as much as possible, and take time to reconnect with your fiancé. Times are hard but together we will get through it all!

Here are some ideas for you & your fiancé to celebrate your original wedding date!

Hitch Studio is here to help in any way possible. Even if you didn’t book Hitch Studio as your wedding planner, we’re here to help. It’s what we do.

Get our FREE “How to reschedule your wedding” checklist. Just send us an email with a request.

Sending love and health,

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