How to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date

Mary Jo and Kevin • Photo credit: Greg + LaRae Photography

Postponing/Cancelling your wedding was NOT what you had planned. We get it. After spending hours and days planning the perfect day that you have looked forward too since you were a little girl, you never expect to reschedule. Covid-19 has made everyone sacrifice some of the most important things in their lives, including their dream weddings. We have ideas for you to make the most of it, however!


Whether you decided to postpone your wedding to this fall or next year, Hitch Studio has some ideas for you to celebrate your original wedding date!

  • Have a date night!
    • Get take-out from your favorite local restaurant.
    • Create your own cocktail and serve it at your wedding!
  • Photo Shoot!
    • Dress up and take cute photos.
  • Plan a virtual happy hour with your wedding party.
    • Enjoy their company and talk about how excited you are when you can once again be together in person.
  • Order a small batch of your wedding cake and/or cupcakes.
    • Have a taste-testing session.
  • Go back in time!
    • Watch your parents’ old wedding videos and reminisce with them (virtually, of course) about the memories.
  • Say your vows or write each other a love letter.
    • This is a romantic way to commemorate the day.
  • Game Night!
    • Play your favorite board games!
  • Plan your Honeymoon.
    • You have some much-needed downtime so use it to create your dream honeymoon!
  • Spend more time planning for your dream day!
  • Take a day off!
    • The world is a crazy place right now so, give yourselves a spa day with face masks, massages, and of course a glass (or two) of wine! 😉
  • If you and your fiancé can not be together for your original wedding date have a virtual date!
    • Get take-out or make your favorite meal together virtually.
    • Send each other a love letter in the mail to open during your virtual date.
  • We know one couple, Mary Jo and Kevin, whose original wedding day was supposed to be May 23, 2020, who celebrated instead on that day by having a bonfire with their friends and family!

Micro Weddings

Between all the postponing and rescheduling a new trend has emerged in the wedding industry, micro weddings! A Micro Wedding is a small intimate wedding with 50 people or fewer. Hitch Studio has Micro Wedding packages to relieve your stress of decorating and planning! After your micro wedding ceremony, plan a drive-by for all your family and friends that could not attend, to celebrate your love for each other from a safe distance away!

Read this for more information on micro-weddings, shift weddings, and weekday weddings!

Love & Support

If you know someone that has made the hard sacrifice of rescheduling their amazing day, here are a few ideas to show them your support:

  • Send them their favorite wine and/or cocktail ingredients!
  • Give them a gift card to their favorite local restaurant.
  • Send them flowers!
  • Mail them a note giving them support and positivity during this tough time!

We understand the pain you are going through. This was a tough decision to make but it was the right one. Through it all Hitch Studio is here for you and we want to give you all the support you need. To plan a Micro-Wedding, contact Renee to start planning. If you are still dreaming about that big wedding contact us to help decorate and plan when the world is safe and healthy again!

“Be strong now, because things will get better. It might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever.” – Unknown

Mary Jo and Kevin • Photo credit: Greg + LaRae Photography

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