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The phrase, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” may be true for some brides, but others are talking about their furry friends. Having your dog be a part of your ceremony can add a few extra tasks, but Hitch Studio can help you make the process fun! Whether you want your dog to be your ring bearer or to just sit and look cute we have some ideas for you!

When you plan on making your dog a part of your ceremony think about their personality and what they can do. Can they walk down the aisle and be a part of your processional? Can they sit still for pictures with the bridal party? After considering these types of things you can start planning the role you want them to play on your special day!


The fun part of adding your furry friend to your big day is dressing them up and making them look sharp so all your guests can say “Aww” as they stroll down the aisle! Here are a few ideas:

  • Designate your dog as the ring bearer or “pup of honor”.
  • Add a bowtie!
  • Dress him up in a mini suit or tux.
  • Dress her up in a mini dress or tutu.
  • Plan matching accessories with your dog and the bride and/or groom.
  • Make your puppy your “flower girl” and spruce up her collar with greenery along with her leash.
  • Put a “Here Comes the Bride” sign around their neck to introduce the beautiful bride!

If it is not possible to include your dog in your ceremony here are some other ideas to still make them a part of your special day:

  • Let them pose with you in your engagement photos.
  • Invite them to your getting ready suite!
  • Add a puppy cake topper!
  • Use a custom illustration of your dog to spruce up your wedding invitations, table numbers, or your bar menu! We even put dogs on custom programs before! Names and all. 🙂
Photo by Chelsea Jean Photography

After deciding your dream wedding plans with your dog, turn to Hitch Studio and the Wedding Day Designer to make it a dream come true. We will help to notify all vendors, venues, and your officiant of the role of your pup, to ensure your ceremony will be pet friendly.


Being prepared for anything when it comes to your dog is going to make your day feel a lot less stressful. Here is some advice:

  • Ask your florist about toxic plants or pesticides that may be in your flowers that can be harmful to your dog.
  • Assign someone to be your “pet handler” to feed, walk, and look after your dog during your day. Have them carry the pet waste baggies. You know what we’re talking about. 😉
  • Make sure your dog is somewhere safe during the reception to ensure your guests do not feed them anything unsafe.
  • Prepare your dog by bringing them to your rehearsal the night before. This will get them used to the area and all the new smells. This also ensures that their curiosity will not be so strong during the actual ceremony!

There are many ways to include your dog in your ceremony and Hitch Studio will help you make it happen! Want help planning? After all, a dog is a girl’s best friend.

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Photo by Chelsea Jean Photography
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