Wedding Day Designer

By Hitch Studio

Don’t want to miss a detail while you plan your wedding? Hoping to avoid some of the overwhelm that comes with the unexpected? This wedding planner guide is 148-pages FULL of monthly checklists, sample timelines, example invitation wording, photography shot lists, speech tips, questions to ask your vendors, and lots of insider’s tips so you don’t miss a thing. Written by a 7-year wedding planner, the ultimate planning checklist won’t let any wedding task fall through the cracks. Buy your binder, notebook, or online edition here.

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My wish for you as you get married.

If you love feeling organized about planning your wedding and checking things off as your engagement process moves along, you’ll love the Wedding Day Designer! This planner will save you hours of research and help you break your wedding into small, actionable tasks until you make big progress.

The best part is that the Wedding Day Designer comes in three 148-page formats: The digital download, the spiral-bound notebook, and the keepsake 3-ring binder.

I am a Certified Wedding Planner and have owned Hitch Studio since 2014. I’ve been a part of over 100 very special wedding days and I’m sharing my insider tips and knowledge so you can feel confident, stay on track, feel comfortable delegating tasks, plan for every detail, and be able to relax and enjoy this amazing day.

My wish for you on your wedding day is that you look back on it with love and joy — and not stress or anxiety and that your marriage is even more beautiful than your wedding.

With so much love, encouragement, and best wishes always,
Renee Bauman

Owner of Hitch Studio
Certified Wedding Planner + Wedding Stylist
Author of the Wedding Day Designer

Photo by Carrie Kuhl
Photo by Carrie Kuhl
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“I really enjoyed using the Wedding Day Designer because I was able to write in it. I also liked that things were broken down into lists for each month prior to the wedding. I liked that I was able keep track of the things I had gotten done. The Wedding Day Designer was very useful and felt that I was well-prepared for my wedding!”  


“My favorite part of the wedding day designer was the list of suggested questions for my vendors. Sometimes I didn’t even know what questions to ask when meeting with them so it was a great guide! It’s huge in helping to keep me on track with planning.” 


“The Wedding Day Designer was so good, I wish I would have gotten a print and web version. The printed guide for me and the online version so my mom could also be involved with planning.” 

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