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By Hitch Studio

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My wish for you as you get married.

If you love feeling organized about planning your wedding and checking things off as your engagement process moves along, you’ll love the Wedding Day Designer! This planner will save you hours of research and help you break down your wedding into small, actionable tasks until you make big progress.


Do you have eager friends and family who want to help with your wedding? This checklist will help you delegate to-do lists, know which lists you can take care of, and allow you peace of mind on your wedding day.


This wedding planning checklist and timeline guide will take you step-by-step through what to do during each month of your engagement. It doesn’t stop there. It also features a sample wedding date itinerary, wording for invitations and programs, a sample processional lineup, how to use etiquette in addressing your envelopes, and questions to ask each of your vendors as you meet with them.


The best part is that the Wedding Day Designer guide book comes in two formats. You can download the digital PDF or order the actual 58-page book to write in and customize. The digital guide is easy to share with your wedding day dream-team. Start by clicking to purchase yours!

Renee Bauman is a Certified Wedding Planner and has owned Hitch Studio since 2014. I’ve been a part of over 100 very special wedding days. I’m sharing my insider tips and knowledge so you feel confident, can stay on track, plan for every detail, and be able to relax and enjoy this amazing day.


Any Questions?

  1. I ship the 58-page beautifully bound book within 48 hours of getting your request, so you’ll have it as soon as possible!
  2. The guide is beautiful and isn’t bulky like binders or thick books. Why read an entire bound book for tips when these plans are bullet-pointed for you?!
  3. Yes, you can gift it! When you purchase one, just let me know who the lucky recipient will be and I’ll include a nice card that says the gift is from you.
  4. Want a to-do list to delegate? Peace of mind on your wedding day? A list to follow to keep you on track? This is for you!


My wish for you on your wedding day is that you look back on it with love and joy — and not stress or anxiety. My wish for you is that this “Wedding Day Designer” saves you hours of time and research — and brings you peace of mind that everything will go smoothly because YOU planned it. And hey, at the end of the day, you’re married! And that’s what matters most of all.

My wish for you is that your marriage is even more beautiful than your wedding.

With so much love, encouragement, and best wishes always,


Renee Bauman

Owner of Hitch Studio

Certified Wedding Planner + Wedding Stylist

Author of the Wedding Day Designer



“I really enjoyed using the Wedding Day Designer because I was able to write in it. I also liked that things were broken down into lists for each month prior to the wedding. I liked that I was able keep track of the things I had gotten done. The Wedding Day Designer was very useful and felt that I was well-prepared for my wedding!”  


“My favorite part of the wedding day designer was the list of suggested questions for my vendors. Sometimes I didn’t even know what questions to ask when meeting with them so it was a great guide! It’s huge in helping to keep me on track with planning.” 


“The Wedding Day Designer was so good, I wish I would have gotten a print and web version. The printed guide for me and the online version so my mom could also be involved with planning.” 

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