Wedding Day Designer

By Hitch Studio

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My wish for you as you get married.

Planning a wedding can get overwhelming in a hurry. I’m with you there. This planner is meant to help you break down your wedding into small, actionable tasks until you make big progress. This whole engagement/planning thing is supposed to be fun! So, grab a glass of wine and get started because we’re in it together.


What sparked the idea for this “Wedding Day Designer”? I am a wedding planner of over five years who is joyfully obsessed with wedding details! So, when I was planning my own wedding I knew I wanted an all-inclusive planner, checklist, and timeline to keep me on track. If you’re anything like me, you love to check those boxes DONE. I designed this “Wedding Day Designer” to be your “insider’s guide” to realistic to-do lists for your wedding day so you feel confident, calm, and organized along the way.


My wish for you on your wedding day is that you look back on it with love and joy — and not stress or anxiety. My wish for you is that this “Wedding Day Designer” saves you hours of time and research — and brings you peace of mind that everything will go smoothly because YOU planned it. And hey, at the end of the day, you’re married! And that’s what matters most of all.


My wish for you is that your marriage is even more beautiful than your wedding.

With so much love, encouragement, and best wishes always,


Renee Bauman

Owner of Hitch Studio

Certified Wedding Planner + Wedding Stylist