Why now is the time to book your wedding vendors

If you were lucky enough to get engaged over the holidays, you have a fun road ahead full of wedding planning and details! It can get overwhelming in a hurry, though, so here are some tips for why, when, and how to start booking your wedding vendors.

  1. Why now is the time to lock in your wedding vendors:
    • When I say “wedding vendors”, think of things like florists, DJs, caterers, reception locations, ceremony sites, hair and makeup artists, photographers, videographers, wedding planners, cake and desserts, party busses/transportation, rentals, stationery, etc.
    • Like you, many other couples who got engaged over the holidays are also trying to book yet for 2022. Some are looking into 2023 and 2024, but the majority I’m booking right now are still for 2022. So, if you have some absolute favorite vendors, book them right away to guarantee a spot in their calendar.
  2. Which wedding vendors to book first:
    • First of all, prioritize your wedding budget and vendor list. What is MOST important to you? Is the band you’ve always wanted? Is it the food? Is it the amazing florals you want at your outdoor ceremony? Is it your dress? If it’s SUPER important that you book your church and the reception venue you’re in love with, call or email them FIRST asking for open dates.
    • Second, think of it this way: which vendors can only take one wedding in a day? Typically reception venues, hair and makeup artist, the specific photographer or videographer you want, etc. For things like your dress, those shops take multiple appointments in one day. Or a DJ company, florists, and cake bakers may take on multiple weddings in a day, so those aren’t as pressing. They’re still very important to inquire with, but that’s a great tip for prioritizing who to contact first. Of COURSE, contact your wedding planner right way to help you with these things! 
  3. Things to consider when choosing a wedding vendor (Why it’s important to do research first).
    • Do you click with them? Do you enjoy their personality and vibe?
    • What kind of down payment do you require to make it official?
    • What happens if your vendor is sick the day of your wedding?
    • Are you licensed to serve food or cake or desserts?
    • How flexible are you if my RSVP count changes? When do you need to know by?
    • Are there any extra fees I need to know about (travel, delivery, etc.)
    • You hate to think of this, but it’s worth asking…what is your Covid/cancellation/reschedule policy?

For a complete wedding guide book full of timelines, checklists, and vendor questions, check out the Wedding Day Designer by Hitch Studio at www.weddingdaydesignerguide.com. It’s full of great tips to keep you on track and low-stress during all your wedding planning! It includes things like a full photography shot list, tons of questions to ask each vendor, an order list for your florist, a song list you could have ready for your DJ, a linen and table checklist, sample timelines of your wedding day, and more.

Better yet, book Hitch Studio as your wedding planner and wedding decorator and we’ll help guide you through this entire process! After all, wedding planning is supposed to be fun. Buy your Wedding Day Designer as a 148-page digital PDF to click through, a helpful and keepsake wedding binder, or a wedding notebook.

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