2022 Pantone Color of the Year (Very Peri) and how to use it in your Wedding

Last year’s colors could not be more different than the 2022 Pantone Color of the Year winner: Very Peri. This purple periwinkle tone is a stark contrast from the 2021 yellow and grey.

About the Color

Very Peri is a blue-red-periwinkle-mix that can be incorporated into a vast range of wedding themes including boho, traditional, and modern. This purple hue brings a lot of energy to a color palette and can be easily personalized.

There’s an abundance of options for color palettes containing Very Peri. It pairs well with the brighter spring or summer hues and the richer fall or deeper winter tones. It can go well with neutral creams and grays, greens and pearl, darker earth tones or brighter pastels. Even though they are stark contrasts, this purplish-blue color pairs very nicely with orange and yellow tones. Therefore, Very Peri can be a delicate, muted undertone or a vibrant statement depending on how much you personally want it incorporated into your big day.


There is a plethora of ways to incorporate this periwinkle color into wedding fashion. On a small scale Very Peri could function in clothing options as pocket squares, socks, ties, or jewelry and hair pieces. If you want it to be more of a statement color in your wedding attire the uses range from bridesmaids’ dresses to men’s shirts or vests. It is a color that generally flatters all different skin tones and would be stunning in most materials as well.

Mother of the bride gowns are essential to plan because mothers need to look stunning too! Dressing them in this vibrant color is a beautiful option to showcase their importance.

We all know that the cutest part of the wedding is watching the ring bearer and flower girl make their way down the aisle. So, dressing them in this vibrant color is a playful way to incorporate it into the clothes. 

A pair of periwinkle wedding shoes is a perfect way for the bride to incorporate it into her look for the big day without drawing too much attention. (Think of this as a standout feature for a wedding picture!)

Year round, periwinkle can be a beautiful color to include in the eyeshadow palette for the bridal party. It will help correspond the theme to the fashion especially if they will be wearing it or holding a bouquet with Very Peri colored flowers. However, I would not recommend using it as the bride’s main eyeshadow color because it could be too much of a contrast from the gorgeous white of her dress.

Also, if you chose to have the bridesmaids get matching manicures and pedicures, it works well for that too. Fingernails and toes look lovely in this purple hue.


There are various floral options for periwinkle flowers. These flowers can be seen in the bridal party’s bouquets or the bride herself. They can be used in boutonnieres or corsages. Hydrangeas, periwinkle, perennial geraniums, grape hyacinth, lavender, bellflowers, and blue false indigo work well as floral arrangements. If you are going to use flowers in table settings, arches, or other décor, include any of these options to bring Very Peri out in your arrangements.


One thing that not many people think of immediately when picking a wedding color scheme is incorporating that into their invites or save the dates. Periwinkle could make a beautiful accent color to a white invite, or a lovely primary color to use as envelopes or even the background for all the stationery. It can also be used in table charts, name places, wedding day programs, or anything on paper, like invitations. The beautiful thing about this color is its diverse uses. It can be bold if you chose or subtle as well.

Photo by Chelsea Jean Photography


In a very literal sense, Very Peri can be the “icing on the cake” for your wedding theme. Whether you do the entire cake covered in periwinkle icing, or adornments on the layers, it is a simple yet beautiful way to add a touch of theme to the food. A specific and gorgeous option would be a white to periwinkle ombre fade icing. Additionally, it pairs well with fruits and flowers as cake toppers or decorations. The hues of berries bring out the gorgeous blue aspect of Very Peri.

Another way to incorporate Very Peri into the food and dining for the evening would be to make a purple-colored specialty cocktail or mocktail. Blueberry, or lavender flavorings will bring a purple hue to clear or light-colored bases.


First off, table settings can include accents of Very Peri in a very aesthetically pleasing way. There are numerous possibilities for incorporation: tablecloths, table runners, napkins, chargers, tinted glasses, floral arrangements, or chair covers. However, it can be easily overdone as it is an eye catcher of a color. There are more than a few combinations of these options. One being white tablecloth with periwinkle table runners and colored napkins. Another is a Very Peri tablecloth with small accents in the table arrangements. You could also combine a periwinkle charger with tinted glasses. There are countless routes you can take, mixing and matching these choices, yet any decision will ultimately look lovely.

The best part? Hitch Studio can bring all your decor, set it all up just like we’ve talked about, and stay to take it all down at the end of the night! No hassle for you! Look into all four our wedding planning packages to see which one fits you best!

If you are looking for some fresh ideas to inspire your Very Peri decorating, here are some less frequently seen alternatives. A unique way to draw out this tone is to buy or make tinted candlesticks to decorate table settings or other focal points. A second interesting way to set the mood using Very Peri is to drape sheer fabric from the ceiling or archways and cast a periwinkle hue onto the fabric.  Also draping actual Very Peri colored fabrics inside or outside is a beautiful statement to bring your theme together. The last décor idea that will incorporate Very Peri is a purple light up neon sign. The signs are trending as is, but this lighting option is a great addition.

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Very Peri is the trending, eye-catching color of the year that can bring a beautiful addition to your wedding day color palette in countless ways. Hitch Studio cannot wait to help you figure out exactly how you want it seen in your big day and carry out your specifications on its use as well! Reach out to Hitch Studio, your South Dakota wedding planner today!

Written by: Kerstyn Fast

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