Midwest Wedding Trends (#15 in a Series): How Traditional Weddings are Changing

When you think 2022 weddings, think intimacy in that the wedding will be more than the uniting of two people, but a celebration of health through the gathering of family and friends. The trends we will see in the upcoming wedding season are inspired by the goal of preserving the entire experience as an infinitely precious collection of moments in time. Let’s dive into the trends awaiting you in 2022:

Décor + Aesthetic:

If I were to sum up the general theme that we expect to see with weddings this coming year in two words, it would be “earthy garden festival.” We anticipate, especially with summer weddings to see a backyard theme consistent with that of 2020 and 2021, but on a larger scale. From seating to color palettes to plant décor think French countryside garden gathering. The general theme of the ceremony and reception decorations is a perfect mixture of 19th century garden party class and boho Tuscan inspired intimacy. Picture a blend of terracotta pots, vintage china table settings, smooth velvet armchairs, creamy linen napkins, live plants, delicate plush seating, macrame tassel chandeliers, metallic copper embellishments, rattan weaved furniture, and to top it off candle lighting. The vibe that most weddings are trying to produce is English cottage indoor mixed with garden party outdoor.

Overall, the color palette will mostly be earthy tones with very little amounts, if you can believe it, of whites or pastels. If there is one specific color to look forward to incorporating, it is rust; rust paired with other vintage metallics, coffee and caramels, tan and sand, and burnt oranges. One theme that comes to mind when trying to capture the overall color scheme is fall spices: cinnamon, persimmon, auburn, sienna, and brown. The accents will be subtle in amount yet eye-catching in hue. There will be simple touches of marigold among the rusts and caramels and splashes of periwinkle and crem among the greenery. Picture the beautiful colors of the fall atmosphere in the spring and summer months. The earthy color palette of 2022 will bring a cozy, intimate feeling to the outdoor festivities we expect to see.

Photo by Erica Lynn Photography. Flowers by Hand Tied. Styling by Hitch Studio
Photo by Erica Lynn Photography. Flowers by HyVee Brookings. Styling by Hitch Studio
Photo by Erica Lynn Photography. Flowers by HyVee Brookings. Styling by Hitch Studio

Locations + Timeframes:

The most used locations will include outdoor events overlooking the rolling hills of private land or indoor events with a floral statement piece. Destination weddings will also be seen in 2022 along with elopements, but the more unique, extreme wedding style is a multi-day festival style wedding. Not to say that there will be an excessive number of people at the affairs, but rather multiple events the days prior to the actual ceremony and reception with different groups of people celebrating the bride and groom before their big day. Usually, the days before are frantic planning and preparing, but in 2022 we can look forward to these days as further celebration for the couple and their family. We can expect luncheons with ladies from church and community; welcome parties for those traveling from afar; brunches with mothers, aunts, and bridal parties; dinners with extended family; and activities such as boat outings, spa days, and golf excursions with close friends. Making memories surrounding the actual events are becoming just as important as the big day itself.

Ceremonies + Receptions:

The traditional ceremony has not and will not change on a large scale by any means, however, there is a trend toward personalizing the ceremonies. From vows to the songs played as the bridal party walks down the aisle, couples are choosing to be personal and intimate. The ceremonies in general will be much more hospitable. They are made to give the guests a sense that they are at home: a place of comfort, joy, warmth, and genuine love.

Enjoying dinner together and dancing the night away will remain part of the plan for most weddings, but additional entertainment is becoming more prevalent. Again, the festival theme is coming out through the reception events as well as the days leading up to it. We can expect to see the newlyweds starting their life together with events that bring a childlike playfulness. These activities include pinata breaking, hiring circus performers for entertainment, and dancing to the performances of live bands.

Venue at Schade Winery and Vineyard, Styling by Hitch Studio

Sleek Fashion Meets Bold Statement Pieces:

The fashion for 2022 wedding is no longer tailored only to the bride, but there is a stronger emphasis on original looks for both the groom and the rest of the bridal party as well. From the different cuts to color palettes to materials to accessories, each is customized to fit the exact style of the bride to be yet personalized to accentuate the bridesmaids’ personalities and the grooms taste as well.

The Bridesmaids: In general, the style of dresses fits the general theme of 2022: Weddings with royal garden party aesthetic. When it comes to what is trending for the bridal party, the sky is the limit. Brides are less focused on having a uniform gown for their entire crew, but instead allowing the ladies to choose what accentuates their body shape and personality. Not to say that brides are allowing any color palette or fabric, but rather the cuts and hues that fit the overall feel of the wedding. There is an emphasis on different types of necklines. The main neckline we expect to see in 2022 is a cowl neck. The straps on the gowns will most likely be thin as overall the dresses will take a minimalist approach. So, collarbones out ladies! As for waistlines, if there is any accentuation going on, it will most likely be an empire waist with a deep, plunging neckline to flatter the upper body. With the classy garden theme, comes a sophistication even in the materials of the bridesmaid’s dresses. When I think about the different fabric styles of 2022, I think fancy New Year’s Eve party: silks, satins, velvet, chiffon, and crepe. The materials are all extremely comfortable, yet stunningly mature and elegant. The color palette is a mixture of fall hues and Bohemian tones. In one word, the colors will be “warm.” The tones of rust, cinnamon, sienna, khaki, and earthy green will most likely be mixed and matched among the bridal party. One other, less popular, yet equally beautiful trend is to mix more muted tones of pearl, champagne, and nude for an overall simple color palette. With an emphasis on the necklines for both bridesmaids’ dresses and bridal gowns, earrings will be the focus when it comes to accessories. However, the accessories may be a little different than in previous years. Instead of crystal jewelry, pearls are all the rage. Rather than sparkly bracelets or necklaces highlighting the arms and necklines, brides are leaning towards bare skin to show off the true beauty of their crew of bridesmaids and themselves. That is why earrings are the perfect among of bling for 2022. They draw attention to the face but allow the woman wearing them to be the star. There’s almost a higher level of self-confidence shown in this style because it says, “I love my body; I am beautiful.” Each and every bride or bridesmaid deserves to say this not only on their wedding day, but daily. That’s why I personally love this simplistic, yet beautiful trend. Outerwear will also play a crucial role in the bridal fashion of 2022. The luxurious textures of feather and faux fur jackets, the sophisticated style of blazers, the beautiful gold embroidered statement pieces, and flowy elegant capes and elegant dusters can all be expected to make an appearance in next year’s accent items.

The Groom: Men’s fashion can be just as important as women’s in 2022. Some of the big trends when it comes to the look of the groom are prints, unique materials, bold colors, sharp fits, and matching accessories. When it comes to prints there are two trending options: microprints and checker. Microprints are tiny patterns seen on jackets, ties, pants, or waistcoats. We can expect to see a singular microprint item among solid-colored outfits. The bold check prints will be the same way: a statement piece to go with the more sleek, plain colors of the rest of the suit. Along with fun prints comes bold colors: pistachio green, steel blue, chic sand tan, wine red, and stone gray. These colors may be paired together as well for an even more vintage look. Imagine creamy beige paired with a navy or maroon trouser and waistcoat and a complimentary patterned bow tie. This trend creates an almost retro look for the groom’s style for his big day. A trend in men’s suits in general is the renewed style of being tailored to perfection. These sharp fits include neat lines, slim fit suits, tapered waist and ankles, or even cropped jackets. One word to describe the suits is clean. One of the unique materials trending next year, even in the summer and fall, is tweed. While it is more common to use tweed in the winter, there is a refinement or maturity in wearing it during the warm summer or cooler fall months. It has become increasingly more common to use fabrics other than wool. Some other luxury textures in the groom’s “day of” look are velvet, satin, and silk. The matching accessories will bring out the playful side of the groom. This may be seen in patterned pocket squares and socks or fancy watches and tie bars.

The Bride: The timeless looks of the bride will include vintage color schemes, delicate details, long trains, and embroidered veils. While most people would picture the bride in white on her big day, there is a trend towards gowns with bolder colors. This does not simply mean shades of blush or ivory, rather pistachio, lavender, and sky blue. These shades will match perfectly with the general trend of outdoor garden party themed ceremonies and receptions. Now, on to the details. Delicate details does not simply mean dainty embroidery, but a trend in an almost ballet inspired direction. We can expect 2022 to bring a graceful dancer style with its pearls, ribbons, ruffles, and sheer accents. The different cuts and shapes of the gowns excite me most of all. There are countless possibilities to make the dress unique to the bride. If going for an edgy look use slits, slashes, and open, sheer corsetry. If you want a regal/royal silhouette, choose a high neck with lace accents on the long trains or veil. If you want to stick with the delicate ballet inspiration, choose an athletic shaped bodice and a poofy tulle skirt. There is a trend towards two-piece dresses, which we have already started to see in prom dresses, but there is a new emphasis on this style in the bridal gown realm. Another extremely new and unique trend is quite minimalist and modern: No gown. Instead of the usual wedding dress, we can very well expect to see a trend towards more of an everyday/streetwear inspired look either paired with a flowy veil or left undecorated. With these modern styles including miniskirts and knee-high boots, chic jumpsuits, and satin midis, there is not much differentiation in color. The color for these outfits remains is white. This brings a very homey feel, yet still special in that the bride is comfortable in her own skin, but still bears the elegance of a bride.

With an all-around wedding inspiration of hospitality, the comfort of the guests is just as important as the physical comfort of the bridal party. The feeling of home can be found in the personalized statement pieces that accent the sleek, more simple fashion in the bridal party, groom, and brides wedding looks. I truly cannot wait to see how the new trends will appear in next years wedding fashion.

Photo by Erica Lynn Photography
Photo by Pistol & Lace Photography


There’s almost a vintage inspiration for the invitations we expect to receive for 2022 weddings. One may open the mailbox and take out a wax sealed invitation giving you the feeling of importance. Breaking the seal on the delicate letter you see the handwritten calligraphy asking you to be a part of the celebration. Invitations of 2022 are the type that you want to hang on the fridge until the day of the wedding, then save to remind yourself of the intimate, joyful feeling that came upon you on the day you opened the letter. Take a look at this invitation with gold foil on a vellum overlay.

Design by Hitch Studio, printing by Clean Slate


When it comes to flowers, we are anticipating two very unique and distinct preferences, one of which is heaps of greens. Even in the choice of flowers, green hues to bring out the natural, outdoor vibe. Imagine arches and staircases draped in elegant greenery and meadows of grasses marking the path to the altar. The second direction brides are taking dried flowers. This trend is a throwback to Victorian England, one might say “a tribute to royalty.” A trend mainly used in 16th century bouquets will now be incorporated into table decorations and aisle installations. Again, preserving memories is a huge aspect of 2022 weddings so dried bouquets and table arrangements are perfect for saving to enjoy even years down the road. Also in 2022, there will be no shortage of pampas grass making its way into decor.

Flowers by Hand Tied, Styling by Hitch Studio
Flowers by Hand Tied, Styling by Hitch Studio


There is a change from posed pictures with family and friends to candid shots of real moments throughout the day/days. Even the posed shots that are taken are different than previous years. There is a complete switch in style in that aerial photography is now more prevalent through the use of drones. However, wedding pictures in general are decreasing as videography is increasing. Just as pictures say more than words, videos say more than pictures. It is significantly more meaningful to today’s brides and grooms to have live footage of their vows, guests, dances, first kisses, and send offs. The importance lies in the ability to reminisce on their first anniversary and every year after.

Photo by Erica Lynn Photography


Last, but in no way least important is the trends in food. The trends for 2022 catering are individual, yet personal. There is an increase in the use of single serving courses and desserts versus the buffet style meal. The portions in general are getting smaller as the uniqueness in the dishes is growing. In choosing the meal plan for the big day, brides and grooms are deciding based on the meaning behind the food, more than pleasing the wants of their guests. We will see charcuterie boards, flights of drinks, sample tastings, childhood favorites, vegan options, and small-scale wedding cakes to represent all of the couple’s favorite individual foods or meals they shared together once upon a time.

Midwest Fresh Food Truck
Food by Chef Jeni, Flatware by Ideal, Table settings by Hitch Studio


Along with changes in food is changes in drinks as well. Many couples are switching from open bar to mocktail menus, with the exception of wine, as a desire to be physically healthy is becoming more dominant. Other options being used are coffee boards (insert personal shout of joy). If you decide to have a signature cocktail, those will never go out of style.

Best guest book idea ever

Interested in more 2022 wedding trends? In this article, WeddingPro is also saying weekday weddings, pops of color, food trucks, luxury cocktail parties and technology will stick around! And 2022 wedding trends predicted from Brides and Pinterest, include celestial weddings (Hitch has a celestial wedding booked this year, so we agree!) and pearl embellishments among other fun ideas.

Do you want to see ALL the trends we’ve ever posted? They go all the way back to 2014, so track these trends through the years! Enjoy!

                                                                                  Written by  -Kerstyn Fast

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