Midwest Wedding Trends (#4 in a Series): Wedding Styles Coming in 2016

You could say that one of Hitch Studio’s services is being a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator. That encompasses planning the details of your big day. Yes, we are definitely planners/coordinators. But we like to call ourselves wedding stylists or wedding designers. We do much more than plan the intricate details of your wedding — we add cohesive style and make sure your wedding day is designed to be perfect. We also design wedding invitations, so we make sure everything from your monogram, to your flowers, to your color palette and style, all shine through at your wedding and reception. We help brand your wedding with charm, romance, colors, personality — you know, the feeling people have when they are at your wedding. Wedding stylist.

The best wedding stylists know the trends that are coming to make your wedding the most memorable and talked about wedding for years! If you’re interested in our past recommendations (we’ve been writing these trend blogs every six months for two full years), here they are!

Comment below with what your 2016 wedding trends are to add this list! Here are Hitch Studio’s design predictions for 2016 wedding trends:


  • Oyster will be huge (It’s a shiny, light gray color that blends with any color palette, but is softer than a cool gray, making it a huge trend for 2016!)
  • The 2016 Pantone Color(s) of the Year! Serenity & Rose Gold — a blush pink and soft periwinkle blue color. Pastels are in.
  • Copper might take the place of gold as an accent color. But let’s face it, the metallics (gold, silver, bronze, copper) will never go out of style. Consider adding rose gold to the 2016 Pantone colors!
  • Jewel tones (emerald greens, garnet red, blues and purples)


  • Sparklers during your first dance! (At outdoor receptions, of course)
  • Instagram print-outs as keepsakes! Hitch knows a DJ in Sioux Falls (DJ Jer) that can print any photo tagged with the wedding’s special hashtag. What a cool way for guests to take home a memory from your wedding!
  • Eco-friendly receptions (like going green at the Museum of Visual Materials in Sioux Falls)
  • Having bigger and better after-parties off-site from your reception (closer to the hotels, perhaps)
  • Creative food displays! (Cereal bar, donut bar, build-your-own mashed potatoes bar, breakfast food bar, meats and cheeses bar…pretty much you name it.)
  • Selfie stations (which we heard are taking the place of the dollar dance. Pay some money to have the bride or groom in your selfie!)
  • Live entertainment
  • Huge props that bring our your personality (Maybe a huge canoe full of ice and beer at your reception for the outdoor enthusiasts? Ice sculpture/shot luge for the entertainers? What is it about taking a shot together that bonds people? Haha)
  • A head table where the spouses are invited to join too! A kings table of sorts — where the wedding party sits on one side of the long, connected tables, and the spouses/significant others sit on the other side. We LOVE this.
  • Have fun with your table linen choices! Choosing something other than white, black or ivory (although very elegant and classic) can really add a sparkle to your reception and save you money on centerpieces since the linen will be the center of attention!
  • Fun guest book ideas!
  • Creative lighting (more than traditional uplighting) like chandeliers and Edison bulbs. There’s even a vendor in Sioux Falls that has them for rent!


  • Layers of 3-D elements (No longer does your invitation have to be one, single flat card! We think adding dimension and layers to your wedding invitation, whether through backing cards, wrap-around paper bands, embellishments like feathers, or a cute pocket invitation adds so much keepsake value)
  • Using typography to style your invitations instead of an image
  • Watercolors really soften the look of an invitation
  • Foils (the really shiny, metallic imprints on (usually) darker paper. Like gold foiled dots on navy paper, or white foiled lettering on black paper)
  • Envelope liners (The perfect way to add a pop or color — and an element of surprise!)
  • Square invitations or #10 size (9.25″ x 4″). Square costs more postage to mail, but can make a trendy statement when your guests receive it!
  • Listing your online gift registry right on your invitation. Yep, we said it. We think there is a time and place to list your gift registry subtly on your invitation. Call us crazy, but here’s why we think that.
  • Laser cut invitations with intricate designs like lace, patterns or even words!

Check out this blog for advice on postage!


  • Using sprawling greens to decorate your tables!
  • A bouquet that isn’t so ball-shaped. More flowing, larger sprays of flowers and greens are really trending.
  • Using colorful flowers as your pop of color, so your centerpieces can stay more neutral colored
  • Centerpiece flowers will have earthy elements, like fruit (like figs and oranges) and greenery


  • Mason jars
  • Burlap
  • Chevron patterns
  • Invitations with multiple little pieces of paper with separate information on each little piece.
  • Tightly put together, perfectly round balls of flowers for bouquets
  • A color palette of too many colors. We love variety, but let’s not get carried away with 10 different colors on a wedding invitation or wedding reception.
  • ALL babies breath ALL over the place. A little variety would help this beautiful, dainty flower out a bit.
  • Wedding favors that are the same old, same old. Try some new ideas that really speak to your personalities!
  • Cupcakes are on the way out — and traditional cake is making its way back to the spotlight. (Like the naked, lightly frosted cakes).


Adding pinks and golds to this navy and purple centerpiece!
Asking for words of wisdom, date night ideas, or favorite Bible verses from guests on a card at each place setting.
Adding sparkle with fun table linens! (These are in rose gold)
Choosing a fun reception venue like a barn! Check out this blog!
Having a head table that’s 2-sided, so spouses can join the wedding party.
Adding feathers to a traditional bouquet or centerpiece.
Having little “extras”, like lining your grand entrance with flowers, lanterns, candles and big displays.
Incorporating non-traditional elements into your centerpieces, like these antlers from the groom’s late father. <3
Homemade desserts add such a personal touch.
Invitations that are 2-sided pockets! Invite on the front — organized pocket on the back. Win win.
Tons. Of. Flowers.
Dancing under bistro lights!
Having a non-traditional cake — like this donut tower.
Choosing flowers other than roses to decorate your reception.
We love this alternative to a unity candle, especially for outdoor wedding ceremonies.
Mis-matched centerpieces with eclectic items.
Having chair covers, sashes, draping, lights and a beautiful head table to add dimension to the room.
Outside the box wedding programs for a destination wedding. Love these!
More greenery for centerpieces!
Having centerpieces that you can give to guests as parting gifts at the end of the evening!
Having centerpieces that you can give to guests as parting gifts at the end of the evening!

The photos you see above were all done by Hitch Studio. Let us know if you’d like to have a free consultation about your wedding. Book your appointment today.

Some bonus content for you! Our friends at WeddingWire also put together their list of 2016 trends. You’ll have to click and see their hot trend predictions like GIF booths, greenery covering the walls, drone photography, foil stamped stationery and more…

There’s more to get excited about too. The blog from Brides, just featured trendy ways to walk down the aisle to keep your wedding memorable and unique. TheKnot just published some great centerpiece ideas too for the new year. So many new things coming from 2016!

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