Midwest Wedding Trends (#7 in a Series): What’s New for 2017 Fall Weddings?

Six months ago, we released a blog about the trends that Midwestern couples should expect for 2017. So many trends have come and gone since then, so here is our updated report for mid-year! If you have a fall wedding in 2017, check out our list of trends and happy planning!


  • Personalization: Brides and grooms are focusing their big day on personalization – they want the event to represent their own style and personality. But, the focus isn’t completely on them!
  • Luxury Guest Experiences: The first six months of 2017 brought the ultimate guest experience into play. Couples are focusing the majority of their wedding styling on what will “ooo” and “ahh” the guests in attendance. Wedding Wire’s 2017 Newlywed Report showed us that a whopping 63 percent of brides feel pressured to impress guests. And it shows! From yard games, care packages, to experiential guest books, the invitees are definitely a priority. Two out of three couples hand out wedding favors, usually with personalized packaging. If this peaks your interest, be sure to ask Hitch Studio’s team about how we can help!
  • Wearing the Part: Ever heard the saying fashion recycles? It holds true with wedding wear! Brides are switching over to sleeved gowns with mixed lace, high necks and off-the-shoulder styles. If that weren’t a step back in time, try this on for size: men’s formalwear trends are leaning towards tweed suits and vests, feather bow ties, floral neckties and blue suits.
  • Color Me Pink: The most popular color palettes of the year are gray and burgundy, and dusty rose with berry-colored lips. Hitch can personalize your invitations and save the date cards to fit your personalized color scheme!
  • Creative Guest Books: Signed post cards and records, polaroid photo albums, address cards and video messages are taking center stage in 2017.
  • Greens and Mountains: Couples are elevating their wedding day to romantic mountainside elopements with plenty of greenery. Floral archways, willow crowns and snowy peaks – oh my!


  • Social Media: It’s no surprise that social media has wormed its way into wedding celebrations. About 34 percent of couples have their own wedding hash tag, and encourage attendees to use the hash tag throughout so that they couple can look back on the pictures and posts. Couples are also adopting custom Snapchat filters for guests. Hitch Studio can help you design a filter for your special day – just ask!


  • Dessert? Yes please: A whopping 54 percent of couples are providing dessert other than cake at their wedding. Many are adopting dessert bars, or the oddly popular donut wall. Hitch Studio has seen Oreo cakes, caramel roll and cinnamon roll buffets, mini pies, movie theatre popcorn with M&Ms, dozens of different flavored cookies, and much more. But, life is short. Why not go all the way?! One bride in South Dakota offered two different kids of tequila before her ceremony!
  • Custom Cocktails: One in four couples have a signature cocktail at their wedding venue. Some change the name of the drink to fit their names or the theme of their big day (example: “Berry Happy Together Sangria”).
  • Mobile Dining: For ease of transportation and catering mishaps, brides and grooms are choosing the simpler route: food trucks. Another benefit? You don’t have to sit in a chair and stare dauntingly at that white tablecloth, knowing very well that the pasta you’re trying to wiggle onto your fork will eventually jump ship. With a food truck, you can scoop up that walking taco confidently, and walk far away from the easily-stainable.


  • Utilize Online Resources: Today, 50 percent of wedding planning is done from a smartphone or tablet device. While most couples spend one to three hours a day planning, why not take advantage of on-the-go apps and checklists?
  • Picking the Date: Holidays and special dates may be the ultimate hindrance for a well-attended wedding. Especially if you are planning a destination wedding, keep an eye on skyrocketing airfare, as this can tank your big day pretty fast.
  • Don’t Underestimate the Costs: It is completely reasonable for you to expect that Pinterest board to hop off the screen and into reality to form your dream wedding. It isn’t reasonable, however, to completely underestimate the cost and dig yourself a hole into No Retirement Money Left and Whoops, my kid can’t go to college anymore. Couples tend to underestimate how much they’ll spend on their wedding by about 40 percent. In 2017, the average wedding costs $37,000 ($5,000 for the engagement ring, $28,000 for the ceremony and reception and $4,000 for the honeymoon). Utilize online spreadsheets and budgeting tools to ensure the happiest day of your life will also be semi-cost-effective!
  • Registries: Couples are beginning to cherish public service and experiences over the newest blender from Target! Charity registries are on the rise, where the couple asks the guests to donate to their favorite charity. Couples are also asking for experiences (i.e. pottery classes, camping reservations, honeymoon excursions), rather than the newest kitchen gadgets! *Psst. Hitch Studio holds a workshop series featuring local artists and their craft. Hint hint.


  • Altar Selfies: I know that social media is a giant part of our lives now, and it is very useful for networking, getting to know new people, and staying up-to-date with where your high school classmates are ending up. However, it has no place on the altar seconds after your married! Some couples have been taking selfies immediately after the “I Dos” with the guests in attendance. They have also been changing their marital status on Facebook immediately afterwards. Please stop. Weddings are meant to be a joyous, face-to-face occasion in which you are marrying the love of your life – unplug! Do those selfies after your ceremony.
  • Revealing Wedding Gowns: The bride is already a-glow with happiness on her wedding day, so please stop with the see-through mesh gowns with precariously placed lace… You are already so beautiful! Embrace that!

We hope these trends inspire you when planning the happiest day of your life! Remember, the Hitch Studio team would love to be by your side when the planning process starts. Ready to jump in? Schedule an appointment here! See you soon. Or get a hold of the Wedding Day Designer to get started!

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