Midwest Wedding Trends (#6 in a Series): Make Your 2017 Wedding One to Remember

It is hard to believe that we are about to enter 2017, and with New Year’s resolutions galore comes new engagements, wedding planning, and everything else that encompasses a happily ever after. Whether you’re the bride-to-be, the curious groom, a helpful parent or in-law, or just the hopeful girl in love with planning her future wedding (c’mon we have all been there, done that) – we have compiled the best Midwestern wedding trends to expect in 2017!

Make sure to check out our previous Midwest Wedding Trends to see what has came and gone – and is even returning for an encore appearance!

The task of compiling the forecast for the 2017 wedding trends has been so much fun – especially as I am currently planning my own 2017 wedding! As one of Hitch’s newest Retail Associates – I’ve been able to learn so much about all that goes into making a wedding go off without a hitch, and there is so much Hitch Studio can do to assist you in making your fairytale a dream come true.


  • DIY (Do It Yourself) is definitely an option on the 2017 wedding market. This is a great idea to personalize certain aspects of your decorations and allow guests to see your personalities shine through. We caution couples as they consider this because DIY alternatives can often times become more expensive than purchasing items – quality should still be key! Or hire Hitch to do it for you (DIFY).
  • Floral takes center stage in 2017! Whether its floral garland, a cascading bouquet, or floral installments – this allows you to add a unique touch to your wedding while working with a variety of budgets.
  • Rustic – it is still here (obviously we’re in the Midwest) – but rustic has been redefined! When you’re a Midwestener it is hard to just kick the rustic trend – so redefine it with unique barn venues and views that can take on a glamorous, chic, industrial, or seasonal look.
  • Loud metallics from 2016 will give way to softer metallics with bold colored accents. In 2017 weddings will incorporate bronze, copper, and rose gold which will be complemented by bolder and brighter hues (think copper cups and plates accented by red or orange napkins — see you’re getting it)! Check out Hitch Studio’s Decor Collection that helps you navigate and find the perfect color/decoration combination!
  • Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are still a hit! Not all dresses look great on everyone, so brides are letting their best gals choose what fits their body shape and budget best.
  • Non-traditional wedding parties will also become more popular in 2017. Whether you want your sister as the Maid of Honor or your best guy friend from college – OR BOTH – you can do what you want!
  • The new year will also give way to the importance of grooms adding their own personal touches to their special day. This could be in the form of a boutonniere, a meaningful accessory, or anything else that sheds light on the personality of the groom.
  • Full skirts, back lace embellishment, and traditional, sheer veils are all coming back this 2017 wedding season! Embrace the vintage trends of the past and this will truly help you shine with beauty and elegance on your wedding day.


  • Let’s face it, photo booths are here to stay, and why not?! They are SO much fun! Photo booths allow your guests of all ages to have fun and take home a memory from the evening. In 2017 we will see photo booths with a twist — we’re talking slow motion options, video, and more! There will even be social media share options where guests can quickly upload their pictures to Facebook or Instagram and seamlessly return to dancing the night away.
  • Unplugged photo sections will be on the rise as well. In an effort to allow the photographer and videographer uninterrupted pictures and shots, bride and grooms will have portions of the ceremony where there will be no phones allowed, or rows will be blocked off where it is allowed.
  • Your creative and goofy hashtags are also here to stay! As a future bride I am constantly brainstorming a clever hashtag to incorporate into our night. Hashtags will continue to become more popular especially as we see more and more wedding apps being established.
  • Cocktail style receptions will make your 2017 wedding one to remember! This allows guests to mingle throughout the evening and set their own pace. Read about our very own Hitch employee Natalie Page, worked a cocktail-style reception into her wedding. 
  • Elaborate entrances will be the talk of the 2017 wedding industry! This could be eccentric decorations or props like a confetti or balloon drop, or even a flash mob performed by your whole wedding party! This will bring high energy to your reception and get the party started.
  • Song choice is always a big part of making your dance a success! In 2017, wedding entertainers (whether a DJ or live) have some specific songs to make your night a hit!
    • 1. “Uptown Funk,” Mark Ronson, featuring Bruno Mars
    • 2. “Shake it Off,” Taylor Swift
    • 3. “Shut Up and Dance,” Walk the Moon
    • 4. “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” Justin Timberlake
    • 5. “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me),” Whitney Houston


  • Let’s be real—how cool are food trucks?! SO COOL. We are talking everyday, any day of the week cool. Food trucks will be hot in 2017 as brides and grooms will utilize them for cocktail hours, reception catering, and even late-night snacks. This is definitely something I would LOVE to incorporate into my wedding to make it unique and memorable!
  • Dessert bars will definitely be popular in 2017 as they provide an alternative dessert that still complements your unique wedding cake. How cool is it that you can still have your cake and eat it too?! Spice up the dessert atmosphere with some donuts, cupcakes, ice cream, and even oreos! Check out this unique oreo cake from a Hitch wedding.
  • Tiered wedding cakes embellished with flowers and garland are going to be big in 2017. We will still see the infamous dessert bars we talked about, but the large, tiered cakes bring back the feeling of nostalgia of your mom and grandmother’s wedding!
  • When it comes to the drink menu – whats old is new again! In 2017, bartenders will steer away from the bold and colorful drinks in favor of the classics like moscow mules (those copper cups will look great with the trending soft metallics).  🙂
  • Custom menus are also in the 2017 forecast! Through customizing your food selection you allow your personalities, culture, and personal tastes to shine through. I personally cannot wait to have my personal favorites incorporated into our menu—another great way for your night to be memorable!


  • Many brides and grooms struggle with favors for the guests. Do we take the time and money to invest in something they may not like or even bring with them? Why not “kill 2 birds with 1 stone” (as they say) and incorporate your favors and dessert bar together! By selecting your local favorites and personal tastes you can make this a unique favor for everyone! Hitch Studio can even help you design unique tags or labels for the dessert/candy bags!
  • No matter what you have heard – “First Looks” are still here to stay! This is such a special moment for you and your groom to cherish for the rest of your lives. Take the time to enjoy it, capture it, and embrace the first time you see each other on your wedding day! New trend for brides: Having “First Looks” with your mother and father, too.
  • Stay connected! We aren’t talking about to cyber world here – but stay connected with your new spouse! Often times bride and grooms get disconnected throughout the reception and dance as they are trying to talk with all the guests, so make a game plan to stay and greet people together!
  • Consider having your wedding and reception at the same location! Not only is this convenient for you and your guests, but it allows the excitement to be kept alive and even grow from the ceremony. Check out this wedding from December 2016 who did just that.
  • Forget the receiving lines and meet up during cocktail hour! Receiving lines can be too formal and not as personal as you would like to thank the people most important to you. Join the fun early on during cocktail hour and talk to your guests there. This allows your conversations to be more personalized and meaningful. Other ideas as alternatives to receiving lines: Dismiss pews out of the church to be able to greet each guest, or dismiss each table at dinner to the buffet.
  • More trends for 2017 according to WeddingWire.com:
    • Sheer and sexy wedding dresses
    • Gray and burgundy suits for grooms
    • Bridesmaid jumpsuits
    • Urban Elegance = the “new Rustic”
    • Marble details
    • Giant floral wreath backdrops for ceremonies
    • Drone photography and videography
    • Instagram videos
    • Brunch weddings
    • Silent disco (seriously, it’s awesome)
    • Geode cakes
    • Drip cakes
    • Greenery motifs on invitations


According to this hilarious post from Offbeat Bride, here are some trends to avoid in 2017!

  • Mason jars, burlap, and cowgirl boots under your dress (unless you’re a classic, South Dakota farm girl who loves a true rustic wedding, then cowgirl up all you want! Free pass, my dear.)
  • Donut walls. Maybe a nice tiered stand would work too?!
  • Live goldfish centerpieces. (Do you have a plan for those fish AFTER the reception?)  :/
  • Weird favors
  • Wedding rompers (We’re all into trends, but some things you want to be classic — like your dress)
  • Having too many themes
  • Ditch the after-party says Celebrity Wedding Planner, David Tutera, along with these other details to dump in 2017.

We hope these ideas and tips are helpful to you as you embark on the biggest adventure of your life—planning your happily ever after! The team at Hitch Studio would LOVE to meet with you and assist you along the way. Consider booking a free consultation here!

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