Midwest Wedding Trends (#5 in a Series): What’s Hot for Summer 2016 Weddings

Woah! How is it that we are half way through 2016 already?! Here at Hitch Studio we are in full swing of wedding season. With three weddings alone this weekend (and it’s only the beginning of June) we realized its time for an updated “Midwest Wedding Trends” post.

If you’re curious about what has came and went here are the Midwest Wedding Trends from previous years (we update our trend forecast every six months!), here is a list:

As Hitchs’ newest intern, I’ve had the opportunity to dive deep in the wedding industry more than ever before! As I went through these different websites, I learned more than I thought I would so here is what I’ve found:

Hopefully this will help you as much as it helped us to know what is coming!


  • All Bright Everything – We are expanding colors from this year’s Pantone colors of the year, (neutral blush palette) and inviting in bold hues. Think rich blues, bright greens, hot pinks and sunshine yellows.
  • Freshly Picked Flowers – In the food industry they are focusing on the farm-to-table vibe, which is now entering the wedding scene too, with flowers too.
  • Herbs and succulents – Roses, hydrangeas, ranunculus and babies breath have all seen their day in wedding styling, but with the newest trends of decorating with succulents, that is also going to be seen in centerpieces.
  • Sparkle. Sparkle. – Metallic and sequins are back! From table linens to bridesmaid dresses to textures on the cake table, it is sure to be glamorous. We think copper and rose gold are the new silver.
  • Mixing Modern, Vintage, & Farm – Upon receiving a wedding invitation in the mail, I know I am curious as to what the overall feel is going to be. But now, it may be more than one. For example a reception in a barn, with a beautiful glittering chandelier hung over the head table and guest table decorated with succulents and geometric designed centerpieces — It could work!


  • Family Style Receptions – Families and couples in the Midwest seem to really thrive on the idea of “home.” A homier feel at a wedding dinner and/or at a family style reception is sure to be popular this wedding season.
  • Incorporate a #HASHTAG – There are many great wedding apps to involve all of your guests but even a simple hash tag on all social media platforms is an effortless way for you to look back on memories from your big day, from their perspective. Speaking of hashtags, follow Hitch on Instagram!
  • We love the “minimalism” that this Brides.com article says is also a trend. The article also says these things are trending:
    • Two hair styles in one day
    • Crop top wedding dresses
    • BBQ bar
    • Fruits with your floral arrangments
    • Wine smoothies at cocktail hour
    • Reception linens with patterns


  • Home-cooked flavors – With this family style wedding reception comes along grandma’s famous special K bars and chocolate chip cookies. Since Hitch is locally owned by Renee and Carrie,we personally understand supporting local entrepreneurs for dinner and deserts. If no one in your family is willing to bake 500 cookies, we have local bakery options in Brookings and Sioux Falls. Just ask us! 
  • Support Local – We know that about 74% of weddings go over-budget so with ‘Support Local’ becoming more popular, and appreciated, instead of ordering flowers from a wholesale retail shop, check out your local florists. We can recommend these too!
  • Have a Signature Cocktail – This idea is very popular for the couple that appreciates a good gin & tonic or Jack & Coke. Maybe your signature cocktail matches your wedding colors — a fun pink vodka lemonade or a blue tropical option. At a wedding this past weekend, the bride and groom offered four wine-tasting stations with paired appetizers — AND four beer tasting stations with paired appetizers to the taste of each beer. At the end of the evening, each guest got to box up and take their customized wine glasses and beer glasses as favors. We LOVED it!


  • Greet Everyone – I know its probably a no-brainer, but making each guest feel important and letting them know that you’re grateful that they are there, is never a bad idea! Whether it’s a receiving line or serving each guest their favorite flavor of cake as you make the rounds during dessert, stop at each table and greet each guest!
  • Keep Speeches Short – Unfortunately not everyone really cares that much about every little detail from when you and your best friends were 14. Keep toasts and speeches loving but brief!
  • Skip Traditions That Don’t Fit Your Style – As wedding planning ensues, moms, dads, grandparents, aunts and cousins all seem to have an idea of what they want YOUR special day to look like. As these traditions arise, if one doesn’t fit you, don’t do it. It is your day after all!


  • Releasing Doves – We know that releasing two doves is a symbol of unity but in a moment that is supposed to be picturesque and extraordinary, you’ll have your guests worrying about animal rights and… unfortunately, poop.
  • Dollar Dances – As I write this I’m only 21 years old and I’ve been to a handful of dances. At almost every single one of them there has been a dollar dance. While I can appreciate shamelessly asking for money, try a less of a cliché option. We know, we know…it is a strong South Dakota tradition. We could see some other fun options taking its place — maybe $1 selfies with the bride and groom or not asking for money at all.
  • Prison Sentences for the Groom – I’ve never seen one of these personally but I’m very against the idea of cake toppers that belittle the wedding and the entire relationship in general. Having the groom’s shoes marked “Help” and “Me”, is funny to some but less than charming to many.

Here are some of our favorite wedding trends that we’ve personally decorated!

Bright colors are in!
Bright colors are in!
Succulents as favors — they have our vote!
Antlers as part of centerpieces because his late father collected them...so sweet.
Antlers as part of centerpieces because his late father collected them…so sweet.
Homemade baked goods from a relative's secret recipe is always charming!
Homemade baked goods from a relative’s secret recipe is always charming!
Getting your family details involved to make your wedding more personal.
Getting your family details involved to make your wedding more personal.
Kings table (family style) head table!
Kings table (family style) head table!
Succulents are majorly taking over!
Succulents are majorly taking over!
Bringing nature indoors is a great way for outdoorsy and adventurous couples!
Bringing nature indoors is a great way for outdoorsy and adventurous couples!
Copper is so beautiful!
Copper is so beautiful!

If any of the tips, tricks and trends helped you get started with planning your wedding, let us know if you would like to have a free consultation! Book your appointment today!

Want some more ideas for your weddings? Check out this article on 75 Ways to Make your Wedding Unique by Brides.com.

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