Midwest Wedding Trends (#9 in a series)

We love posting mid-year wedding trends! It’s sets the tone for summer weddings in 2018. According to TheKnot Trends and Insights from 2017 brides, here are some great information and statistics in 2017 — and trends for 2018!

Statistics from 2017 Couples that Predict What’s Coming for 2018:

  • The average guest list is 136 guests (usually the guest list is higher in Midwest). 
  • Couples spent $245 per guest at their weddings.
  • 40% of couples added extra guest entertainment (vs. only 11% in 2009).
  • 44% of weddings in 2017 were 3 or more days. (Whoa!)
  • Another trend? Hashtags! 82% of couples have a wedding website, 64% have their own hashtag, 23% have a Snapchat filter, and 9% use photo sharing apps
  • 54% of couples are living together for 2+ years (up from 44% in 2010!), which means they’re serious about settling down.
  • 90% of couples are skipping the “brides side” and “grooms side” of the ceremony seating, the garter toss, the bouquet toss, etc. They’re breaking traditions!
  • 69% of couples say an overall look and feel of the day are a top priority. (Not a specific theme like “rustic” or “vintage” or colors specifically).
  • The average wedding party count is 10 people (5 attendants on each side).
  • 65% of couples are calling their wedding “semi-formal”. (Casual is 17% and Formal/Black tie is 16%).
  • Ivory and white palettes are hot! 52% of couples are using whites and ivories in their wedding day colors.
  • It has to be fun! Couples describe their weddings as romantic (27%), fun (25%), elegant (22%), down to earth (22%) and classic (20%).
  • 29% of engagements happen in winter and 16% of those happen in December.
  • The average groom is 31 and the average bride is 29.
  • The most popular months to get married are September (16%), June (15%), October (14%), July (13%), May (11%) and August (9%). We know how hot our South Dakota summers can be!
  • Couples are spending 5.8 hours per week planning. If that seems overwhelming to you, consider hiring a wedding planner like Hitch to save you hours of research by recommending vendors in multiple price ranges and helping with things you shouldn’t have to stress over — like decorating your reception and taking all the decor down at the end of the evening!

What’s Trending for 2018

  • Snapchat filters are so popular! Hitch Studio can design one for you and look up the fees associated with your location.
  • Gift registries are much more creative than they used to be. Want to register for a charity rather than a mixer? Do it. Want to register for honeymoon excursions rather than towels? Do it. Want to register for a house fund rather than a fondue pot? Do it. Indicating a preference of gift is hardly forcing people. You are simply indicating a preference, in the same way that you registered for a particular bowl set. In fact, this article by Offbeat Bride says, “Spreading news of a registry by word of mouth was fine when everyone was from small, tight-knit communities and barely left their hometowns. Now the internet exists, people are all over the place, and it’s pretty likely that the person most effectively able to get the word out is you.” This may be a faux pas, but we here at Hitch Studio are okay with listing your wedding website as a recommended source of where to find your registry. Don’t leave people guessing. For more advice on wedding registries, read this!
  • This article from WeddingWire says the days of DIY, open airy spaces full of greenery and blush color palettes are coming to an end. They say 2018 will be full of fun, bright hues! Other trends they predict for 2018: neon signs, cosmic inspiration, edgy color palettes, woodland weddings, ultraviolet accents, velvet, geometric shapes, and mid-century modern details.   
  • Head table styles like king’s tables are totally in. The long, side-by-side head tables are on their way out, making for a more intimate set up as a sweetheart table or king’s table.
  • Incorporating eucalyptus into bouquets and tablescapes.
  • Having bold flowers with neutral toned-down dresses.
  • Unique wedding venues! Why are some of the most popular venues are barns? According to this article, it’s because it’s rustic chic and casual.
  • Couples are hiring wedding planners more often than ever before! 28% of couples hired a wedding planner in 2017 (up from 19% in 2009). Hitch Studio can do everything from decorating the tables at your reception, to helping you seamlessly down the aisle at your ceremony, to full day-of wedding coordinating and full wedding planning. We have 3 levels of service to choose from and would love to meet with you!

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*Photo credit to Dan Thorson for featured image on blog

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