Managing stress in life – while wedding planning

Vendors are booked, wedding dress is ordered, guest list is finalized, save-the-dates are sent and yet, the to-do list is far from over. Planning a wedding is no joke and the list can seem daunting at times. The chapter in wedding planning that can be challenging is when you feel like you’ve crossed so many things of your list and exhausted your friends, family and fiancé of wedding talk and still have months to go; This is typically about 6-9 months prior to your wedding (depending on your engagement length). There are only so many things you can get done prior to this timeframe, so knowing you still have a lot of decisions to be made and questions to answer can be overwhelming to think about. We hear you and are here to tell you this is all normal. We want your wedding planning process to be enjoyable and as stress-free as possible! We also understand there are definite challenges throughout the process and want to help you manage it all.

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A note from the author.

My wish for you on your wedding day is that you look back on it with love and joy – and not stress or anxiety.  The Wedding Day Designer will save you hours of research and help you break your wedding into small, actionable tasks to help you make big progress. If you love checking things off and to feel organized while you plan your wedding, you will love the Wedding Day Designer. I am a Certified Wedding Planner and I have owned Hitch Studio since 2014. I’ve been a part of over 100 weddings, and I want to share my insider tips and knowledge to help you plan every detail – without the stress.

Wishing you a beautiful wedding,
Renee Bauman

Our next biggest advice for managing wedding planning is, you guessed it, hire a wedding planner! Our promise is to surprise and delight you, do more than what’s expected, and most of all, be approachable and friendly to you, your friends, and your loving family. We promise to be the most accommodating wedding planners, decorators, and designers who will focus on the details of your wedding — so you can enjoy the moments of your marriage.

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You purchased your Wedding Day Designer, hired your wedding planner and now onto the fun part – wedding planning stress-free! Okay, so we wish it was that easy, but we know life doesn’t stop while you plan your wedding. We can help ease the planning stress but are also aware that life can be stressful because of your career, health, finances, family, relationships, or other factors.

8 helpful tips to managing the stress in your life – while wedding planning.

  1. Move your body.
    If you want to boost your mood immediately and change your mindset, get your body moving! 30-minutes every day is a great goal but, the biggest thing is to do what you can, where you’re at with what you have. Don’t make it complicated or too hard to commit to. Some easy ideas: throw the ball around with your dog, take a walk on your lunch break, dance to your Spotify playlist while you make supper or ride your bike around the neighborhood – getting outside brings added benefits!
  2. Relax your body.
    Sometimes, removing yourself from a stressful situation for a moment is needed. Finding a way to allow your body to relax can be a helpful tool. Close your eyes, take 5-10 deep belly breaths, and allow the oxygen to flow through your body: decreasing stress and increasing calm. It’s helpful to use these tactics throughout your day or when you’re feeling stress creep in but it’s even more beneficial if you can make this practice part of your everyday; maybe it’s right when you wake up, when you get to your car, when you sit down at your desk or maybe it’s the end of the day. Take the time for some intentional relaxation!
  3. Fuel your body.
    You’ve probably heard this over and over – drinking enough water in a day has many health benefits including increased energy level, beautiful skin, suppressing feelings of hunger and more. If you struggle to drink water daily, try infusing it with fruits or herbs for some added flavor! The foods we crave the most when stressed are usually the worst for us – alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and processed foods. Keep in mind the things that give us instant gratification but are not beneficial long term and can sometimes add to our stress levels.
  4. Sleep.
    Getting adequate sleep each night will positively impact your ability to overcome stressors and increase your overall mood. It’s recommended to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night! Having a good nighttime routine can lead to a deeper night’s sleep – some tips to consider when creating your nightly routine: Eating a lighter dinner, saying no to screens in bed, moving your body in the morning. If you try a few of these practices, pay attention to how you feel throughout the day!
  5. Enjoy your hobbies + laugh a lot.
    Allowing yourself to laugh is a great source of stress-relief! Grab coffee with a friend, have date-night with your fiancé, call your best friend and let the laughter lower your stress! It can be helpful to have a list of things that bring you joy; when you’re feeling overwhelmed, pick one of the things from your list that brings enjoyment to your life and ultimately alleviates stress.
  6. Set boundaries.
    Be realistic about what you can commit to. Don’t be afraid to say no when you’re feeling overwhelmed. It’s important to know how much you can handle, but more than that, know it’s more beneficial to say no when it’s going to have a negative impact on your stress level. Take care of you!
  7. Talk it out.
    When we feel stressed, it can be easy to isolate from others. This is actually the opposite of what we should be doing! In order to bring your feelings to the surface and work through them, it’s helpful to get your feelings out. Text or call a friend, get together in person, or maybe talking feels overwhelming – you can try journaling. Keep in mind who you’re unloading your stress on – your partner may be a good listener but might need a break once in a while; consider sharing with other friends or family too.
  8. Change your perspective.
    Often, we get stressed about things outside of our control. Think about what is in your control and focus your energy on areas that you can change; sometimes changing the way you respond is helpful. Another tip is to give yourself a “worry period” and allow yourself a time frame that you can stress on a given situation, then move on so you don’t dwell on it all day, week, etc. and come back to it when you’re mentally able to problem-solve.

Life is full of beautiful moments and when stress creeps in, it can be harder to find the beauty. We hope you can take a way a few tips from this list and learn to live your life, fully, hopefully with a little less stress!

With Love,
Hitch Studio

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