“The Office” Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Have I mentioned that I LOVE theme parties?! Getting to help plan this one was SO. MUCH. FUN!

There is a group of women whom I admire so much. We created a Masterminds Group of seven entrepreneurial-minded women who share business wins and challenges each week. What has that done for us the past five years?! We are a brilliant force. We are a board of directors for each other. We are friends. We are successful businesswomen. We throw each other parties for life’s big events. And this happened to be one of them!

Together, we threw Kirsten the best baby shower of all time. It was “The Office” themed and we all dressed up and made sure every Dunder Mifflin detail was perfect. 😉 Or far from it. Enjoy some of these hilarious and awesome baby shower ideas!

We had Kevin’s chili beans (jelly beans), Jan’s candles, Kevin’s mini cupcakes, Dwight’s jello, Andy’s Kit Kats, tuna sandwiches and more.

And yes, that is a bit of pink you see there…she’s having a baby girl!! Congratulations again, Kirsten!

Check out this “Beauty & the Beast” styled bridal shower Hitch styled!

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