Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Ohhhh…I love a good themed party!! And St. Patrick’s Day is perfect because it has a built-in theme! Hitch Studio was back on the set of KELOLAND talking about tips for planning a great St. Patrick’s Day party!


Are you needing some inspiration for planning your St. Paddy’s day celebration today…or for this weekend?! Well, Hitch Studio has some great ideas for you, whether it’s for work, school, or an adult dinner party, use any of these ideas you wish!

  1. Plan for some themed food/treats:
    • Adult dinner party: Consider starting your party with a cheese board, Irish soda bread, then bring on the mini Shepherd’s pies, beef stew, a green, leafy salad, and some dessert. We decided on chocolate-covered Oreos decorated in green!
    • Kid-friendly party: Take a spin on the cheese board idea and make it an Irish flag cheese tray with veggies! You could serve fish and chips and also have some fun desserts! (Cupcakes are so much fun however you want to decorate them!)
  2. Have a fun drink option
    • Adult dinner party: Of course, serve some Guinness and maybe some Baileys for dessert, but having a signature cocktail is a fun idea. This one has melon liqeuor, pineapple vodka, sparkling lime water.
    • Kid-friendly party: Green punch or shamrock shakes are a perfect idea!
  3. Decorate your space
    • Adult dinner party: Use a grown-up version of “greenery” dinner party with décor from your home.
    • Kid-friendly party: Sue decorations like shamrocks, treats, balloons, garlands, and more!
    • FAVORS! I LOVE giving favors at parties.
    • Adult dinner party: Check out these beer glasses (from Ireland!) full of Irish whiskey and Bailey’s with chocolates. Maybe a bottle opener?
    • Kid-friendly party: Make these “pots-o-gold” or “I’m so LUCKY to have you as a friend” rainbow bags.
  4. Encourage guests to come dressed in green, festive wear
    • Awards for best dressed, funniest, most green, etc. Make it fun no matter which party you’re at!
  5. Do an activity:
    • Hire an Irish band to play (or make a Celtic playlist!)
    • Whiskey tasting or Irish cream tasting
    • Games or make a craft
    • Scavenger “treasure” hunt
    • Make Guinness floats for dessert
    • Irish potluck at work

      Or maybe your party is more of a green beer and jello shot kind of party…that’s okay! I love parties like that too! Take any of these ideas and adapt them to your party space!

Check out this clip of Hitch Studio in the news on KELO for more ideas!


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