Hitch Studio is a small business. We’re only two years old and still growing. We count on event styling and wedding planning to keep our business alive and well. Our paychecks aren’t huge and our bank account isn’t overflowing. So why do we decide to donate our time and coordinate events for free? Why do we give away our precious time for no compensation? Well, that’s the thing. There is compensation — and it comes in the form of satisfaction, gratitude, giving back, making a difference, and being part of a bigger community and cause. Our mission is far larger than our small business.

For example, in the past couple months alone, we’ve donated our time designing the East Central CASA “Fire & Ice Gala” invitations, programs, and signage. We’ve decorated 72 tables for the SDSU Athletic Auction, and set up at every Women in Leadership and Learning (WILL) luncheon throughout the year. We love giving back.

Maybe it contributed to Hitch Studio winning the 2015 Downtown Business of the Year Award? We’re not sure, but we were completed humbled and honored by that award and Doris Roden and her family!

Take a look at the 2015 and 2016 CASA invitations. It’s rewarding to donate to such worthy causes:

CASA_Stationery_web CASAset_2016_web

Last week was the final WILL luncheon of the season — and it was full of women who are leaders, influencers, and go-getters in the Brookings community. We decorate the tables just so our work can be in front of these important women. Check out some of our favorite table decorations for their meetings:

Nature_Outdoorsy_Centerpiece2_web Nature_Outdoorsy_Centerpiece3_web Nature_Outdoorsy_Centerpiece1_web Coral_Yellow_Centerpiece1_web






Hitch is also huge supporters of SDSU! Carrie and Renee are both graduates of South Dakota State University, so when they asked us to decorate the tables at their athletic auction in both 2015 and 2016, we jumped at the chance. It’s a great way to gain exposure in front of so many community members and SDSU alumni! Enjoy some photos from April 30 at Frost Arena.

SDSU_AthleticAuction_2016_BestOne_web SDSU_AthleticAuction_2016_WholeTable1_web SDSU_AthleticAuction_2016_WholeRoom2_web SDSU_AthleticAuction_2016_WholeRoom_web SDSU_AthleticAuction_2016_SDSULights_web SDSU_AthleticAuction_2016_Centerpiece11_web SDSU_AthleticAuction_2016_Centerpiece9_web SDSU_AthleticAuction_2016_Centerpiece8_web SDSU_AthleticAuction_2016_Centerpiece7_web SDSU_AthleticAuction_2016_Centerpiece5_web SDSU_AthleticAuction_2016_Centerpiece3_web SDSU_AthleticAuction_2016_Centerpiece2_web SDSU_AthleticAuction_2016_Centerpiece1_web


Hitch Studio also decorates events throughout the city of Brookings with our complimentary services as well. If it fills our mission of helping women, children, other Brookings entrepreneurs, brides, or SDSU, we include it on our “sponsorship” list of possibilities.  It brings us pride and a great sense of community to give back as a small business. Here are some decorations from a photo shoot, our Barn Soiree, a bridal show, and a Chamber event — all donated.

Click here to see our 2015 donated sponsorships.

Copper_Centerpiece1_web Copper_Centerpiece2_web Coral&Mint_Centerpiece1_web NavyBlue_Blush_Centerpiece1_web








McCrory_TeaGardenParty_Centerpiece1_web McCrory_TeaGardenParty_Centerpiece2_web McCrory_TeaGardenParty_Centerpiece3_web McCrory_TeaGardenParty_Centerpiece4_web


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