Sneak Peek #5: Questions to Ask Your Wedding Florist

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Part 5 of Hitch Studio’s Wedding Day Designer Sneak Peek series!

This series includes sneak peeks of sections directly from the Wedding Day Designer! The Wedding Day Designer is our 148-page all-inclusive wedding planner, including checklists, timelines, tips, and more. Buy the full wedding planner HERE!


The Basics

•    Do you have our wedding date open? How far in advance do we need to reserve the date?

•    How long have you been in business? How many weddings have you done?

•    How many other weddings or events will you schedule on the same day?

•    Have you done events at the ceremony/reception location(s) before? Will you do site visits if needed?

•    Will you be doing our arrangements yourself or would it be another florist?

•    What design styles do you work in (e.g. traditional, modern, trendy, European, Oriental)?

•    Can you provide us with 3–4 recent brides that we can contact for references?


•    Do you offer specific packages or is everything customized?

•    What recommendations can you give to maximize our budget?

•    Can you offer advice on flowers that are in season or less expensive? 

•    Is there a difference in price if I use one type of flower vs. a mixed arrangement or bouquet?

•    Do you charge a delivery fee? Do you have an extra charge for setup and breakdown of the floral décor?

•    Is there an extra fee if we ask you to stay through the ceremony to move arrangements to the reception site?

•    Are there any additional fees that have not already been taken into account?

•    What is the deposit and final payment plan for the entire bill? What forms of payment do you accept?

•    What is your cancelation/refund policy?

•    Will you provide us with an itemized list of all the elements we’ve discussed, along with prices?

•    When will we receive the contract? (Make sure to get everything in writing in the final contract.)

The Flowers

•    Based on our color scheme and budget, what flowers do you recommend?

•    Based on my wedding dress, what flowers and arrangement do you recommend?

•    What are the different kinds of wraps you can do for my bouquet?

•    Can you suggest anything special to coordinate with the theme/venue/season of my event for the boutonnières, bridesmaid flowers, and centerpieces?

 •    Will the boutonnières, corsages, and bouquets be individually labeled with names? 

 •    If I give you a picture of a bouquet and/or arrangement that I like, can you recreate it?

•    Do you have photos or live examples of florals designed in the style I want?

•    Can you do mockups of the arrangements you’ve described? Is there an additional fee?

•    Will you work with my cake designer if I decide to add flowers to my wedding cake? If so, is there an additional setup fee for this?

•    Do you deliver fresh flowers the day of the wedding? How far in advance of the wedding will you create the bouquets and arrangements and how are they stored?

•    Can you transport flowers from the ceremony to the reception, if needed?

•    Do you provide delivery, setup and tear down of the floral and décor you provide?

•    Can you assist me in the preservation of my bouquet after the wedding? If not, can you  recommend someone?

Other Décor

•    What other décor can you provide (aisle runner, candelabras, trees, arches, votive candles, mirrors, etc.)? How will these items affect the overall cost?

 •    Do you offer up-lighting, market lights, or hanging chandeliers etc.? Cost?

•    Do you offer fabric draping, lounge furniture, hanging lanterns, linens, favors, or specialty décor elements?

•    Are vases included in the cost of the arrangement? Or are they rentals?

•    When are rentals due back?

What to prepare for your Florist

•    Prior to meeting with a potential floral designer, have your color scheme finalized, create a list of the kinds of flowers you like, and have some examples (pictures from magazines, Pinterest, etc.) of the kind of  bouquets and arrangements that appeal to you.

•    Also prior to the meeting, you should have already reserved your ceremony and reception venue. That way you’ll be able to discuss how much additional floral décor will be needed to either achieve a specific look or complement an existing garden and/or room aesthetic.

•    Once you’ve booked your floral designer you’ll want to provide them with a picture of your dress and swatches or photos of the bridesmaids’ dresses and the linens you’ll be using.

Want to see more questions for wedding vendors? The Wedding Day Designer is 148 pages packed full of wedding planning information, written by an expert Certified Wedding Planner. The Wedding Day Designer can be purchased here!

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  1. Its helpful when you reminded to ask your florist what are the different kinds of wraps for the flowers. I am looking for some florists since my son’s wedding is coming up next month. Thanks for the article on questions to ask your florist and I hope that I can find some good florists near my area soon.

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