The Difference Between a Wedding Planner and a Venue Coordinator: Do you Need Both?

Photo by Erica Lynn Photography // Venue: BF Event Hall

You just got engaged to the love of your life and now you are probably overwhelmed with emotions, happiness, excitement, and stress. Now you are looking for venues, preparing a guest list, and wondering if you might need some help keeping it all organized. You may hear the terms, “wedding planner” or “venue coordinator” as you start your wedding planning journey. We are here to tell you the difference between them and the responsibilities of each one! Plus, do you really need both? The short answer is YES.

What is the difference between a venue manager and a wedding planner?

A wedding planner and venue coordinator have one major difference; a wedding planner, such as Hitch Studio, is focused on you and your fiancé, nothing else. A venue coordinator is focused on the venue, the venue’s staff, and ensuring that the venue’s ins and outs run smoothly. The two very different roles can get confused when you are just starting your planning process.

Venue Coordinator Focus:

A venue coordinator — or venue manager — has a lot of responsibilities that will help your wedding go smoothly at your chosen venue. We have listed below their responsibilities below so you can get an idea of what they can do for you on your wedding day.

  • A venue coordinator’s job is to work for the venue, so they are focused on the venue’s responsibilities only. They’re main priorities are that the tables and chairs are set correctly, food and beverage, and their staffing.
  • The venue coordinator will make sure the door is unlocked, the AC is running, and that you have everything you need at the venue to make sure your day runs smoothly (clean restrooms, any broken glass on the dance floor, etc.).
  • They make sure your contract details are upheld and they will help with finalizing your invoice.
  • A venue coordinator will not oversee decorating, setting up centerpieces, and taking down all the decorations at the end of the night.
  •  They will not manage your third-party vendors to make sure they are there on time to align with your wedding timeline.
  • The venue coordinator will make sure your paid third-party vendors are following the rules of your contract and the rules of the venue during your wedding day.

Wedding Planner Focus:

A wedding planner can be useful in many ways. They are there to help you plan your entire day, and we laid out the responsibilities of wedding planners below to help you get a better idea of why to hire a wedding planner in addition to a venue manager. A wedding planner and venue coordinator LOVE working together because we make each others’ jobs easier and ensure a seamless day for the couple!

  • A wedding planner will be with you throughout your whole wedding planning process. They will help you with all the details such as planning, organizing, designing, and keeping an eye on vision, timelines, and vendor recommendations, even what type of table linens, centerpieces, etc. They are your go-to so any day-of stressful questions go to the planner, not to YOU as you’re getting ready for your big day.
  • They help you stick to your wedding budget. Hitch Studio offers four different types of wedding planning services at a full range of prices. Contact us for an appointment to get more information.
  • Wedding planners help you book vendors and give suggestions based on your location, budget, reliability, and what they recommend.  
  • Some wedding planners, such as Hitch Studio, are also stationers and can help you create beautiful wedding invitations, programs and save the dates.
  • They will set out things at your reception like the couple’s champagne flutes, cake servers and cake topper, guest book, programs, and more. They can also transport décor and everything from your wedding ceremony to your reception.
  • They help ensure the ceremony runs smoothly, with everyone in place and on time (no missing flowers girls and perfectly cued music).

Now that you know the difference between a wedding planner and venue coordinator your planning process will be more effective and you can decide if a wedding planner, like Hitch Studio, would be the right fit for you getting to your perfectly planned wedding day!

Contact us for more information and what Hitch Studio can do for you on your wedding day! We are so excited for you and hope your planning is exciting and a great experience! Check out these blogs below for more reasons to hire a wedding planner!

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We can’t be too biased, though, because Hitch Studio is certified in both Wedding Planning and Venue Management! Did you know we are the official venue management company for Schade Winery & Vineyard?! We made this brochure to help couples understand our list of services and how it may differ. Hopefully this helps too!

Photo by Erica Lynn Photography // Venue: BF Event Hall
Photo by Erica Lynn Photography // Venue: BF Event Hall

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  1. Its great when you said that wedding planners assist you in booking vendors and make recommendations depending on your location, budget, and trustworthiness. I want to hire a venue for my daughter’s wedding and I am looking for some beautiful serene places. Thanks for the information on wedding planning and I hope that I can find a great place soon!

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