Are you ready to lift a huge weight off of your shoulders and let someone else help you manage your wedding day? Do you need help finding and narrowing down a theme/style, decorations and all of your creative ideas? Are you feeling a little overwhelmed with a crazy work schedule and need to turn over some of the wedding day planning?

Well, Hitch is here to help. Hitch Studio specializes in wedding invitation design and wedding planning. From styling centerpieces to setting up and taking down decorations, we can help with as much as you need us to. We celebrate the value of a marriage over a wedding — so we want to make this beautiful time in your life less stressful for you and your family. Surrounding yourself with reliable professionals is essential in keeping calm and can make all the different in how much you enjoy the day! Hitch is happy to help.

Here’s list of five reasons why you should consider hiring a wedding coordinator, no matter your situation:

  1. This is my profession.

A wedding planner (like Renee Halgerson at Hitch) whose specialty is “Day of Coordination” knows exactly what to do and when to do it so that the bride, groom, guests and wedding party can all enjoy a stress free wedding day. It’s a disappointing reality that the last minute details can steal the joy of the big day when they slowly pile up on the bride! Hitch Studio can help with details like:

  • Provide venue and vendor recommendations, knocking hundreds of hours off your research time.
  • Assist with wedding design and styling, from centerpieces to extra rentals (like that chandelier you want, the canoe you want to fill with ice and beer since you both love the outdoors, or hanging the bistro lights for that romantic glow over your outdoor dance floor).
  • Bring big ideas and a can-do attitude. You wanted lights strung above your head table? Done. You want a 3-D feature at your reception? Done. Let’s make it happen.
  • Act as a liaison between vendors and contracts.
  • Develop schedules, confirm reservations and arrival times, logistics and timelines for each vendor involved, including the bride!
  • Be a clone of you on your wedding day. We’ll each know the ins and outs of every detail, so you can relax and enjoy — and I’ll field the questions!
  • Take care of small details. (Do you really want to worry about getting the gifts locked in a hotel room, picking up the dance floor, making sure your cake doesn’t melt at your outdoor reception, clearing tables after a long night of dancing, storing the top tier of your cake after it’s cut, getting your card box and guest book from the church to the reception, or bringing brunch to your girls at the hair salon? We didn’t think so. We’re happy to help!)
  • Offer expert advice, answer questions, and build relationships with local vendors so we can match your budget to your expectations. We calm worries.
  • Reduce the chances of anything going wrong. We’ll have a handle on every detail. And if something unexpected does happen, we’re ON IT.
  • Is an etiquette expert. Renee knows how to word your invitations, what order your receiving line should be in, table etiquette, and the roles of each member of the wedding party. Leave nothing to slip through the cracks.
  • Help you personalize your wedding! My goal is to bring out the personality of the couple at their wedding and reception. I want this to be a reflection of YOU two in any way possible.
  1. I won’t tell you what to do.

A wedding coordinator absolutely will not tell you how to make your wedding look or what to do on your wedding day! We know that the wedding day is all about the special couple, or else we would quickly be out of business. What Renee will do is listen closely to your goals, dreams and stress points and then help figure out a way to work with you to make your wedding day go according to plan.

  1. I know the current trends.

Twice a year, Hitch publishes a Midwest wedding trends blog post that features everything from cakes to dresses. Hitch knows what’s trending, what’s on the way out, and what’s just starting to become popular. If you need a guide to help make decisions, Renee can help.

Plus, Renee is just like you. The average American bride is 29 years old, college educated, and the average groom age is 31 years old. Renee is of this demographic, so she is confident and natural when making design decisions alongside modern brides.

  1. We can prepare for things before you even know you need them.

Your wedding day is one of those days. With a wedding coordinator in charge, you won’t have to be thinking of the details. Just sit back and enjoy that mimosa! The wedding coordinator will work closely with vendors, setup, cleanup and deal with the “hiccups” that happen along the way. We can grab fans if needed, we can find electricity for your piano in your outdoor garden wedding, we can get more ice when it melts at your barn wedding, we can let your dog out when you forgot to line someone up for that, we can refill your cupcakes and candy station all night, we can bring extra bug spray and vases for your head table before you even thought of it. (Yes, all of those situations have actually happened.)   🙂

  1. Wedding coordinators are dreamers and doers.

A beautiful wedding takes both. Wedding coordinators think about what CAN happen, not just what HAS to happen. Sometimes, you need someone to roll up their sleeves and DO the decorating, moving, hauling, building, hanging, swooping, and clearing. That’s us. That’s what we do.

We can make things blossom! Seriously, it’s our job to make everything beautiful and smooth-flowing.

Contact Hitch

If you need some creative inspiration for planning and design, Renee at Hitch can be that source. We’ll help you create custom invitations, and then make sure those little details are woven in throughout the ceremony and reception. Contact Hitch today to set up a consultation. Hitch offers custom wedding invitation design, “Day-Of Coordination”, designing and wedding rentals.

A wedding coordinator will help make your wedding day easy, stress-free and beautiful! Start with our wedding planning worksheets to see how Hitch can help. Every service is a la carte, so you only check the boxes of the items you need my help with. Let’s sit down and see how Hitch can help you be stress free!

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