Why to Make Room In Your Wedding Budget for a Wedding Planner/Wedding Coordinator/Wedding Stylist

Weddings are becoming more and more extravagant as time goes on. Ice sculptures, chocolate fountains, and personalized place cards galore! Definitely beautiful, but who do you turn to when all those little details start to overwhelm you? That is when you can call on the wonderful ladies at Hitch Studio to help you with any of your wedding day needs.


Here’s what we can do for you when you become a “Hitch” bride:

  • One-on-one meetings with Hitch Studio until you feel comfortable with every detail!
  • We can recommend vendors specific to your budget or needs (Florists, venues, DJs, makeup, photographers, and more!)
  • We can pick up and return rentals for you — making less work and hassle for you.
  • Use of all of the decorations in our entire inventory!
  • Centerpieces styled at all tables (and taken down at the end of the night)
  • Favors placed at each setting
  • Food, drinks, etc. delivered to the bridal party while you get ready
  • Cutting and serving desserts or keeping your snack bar filled and ready
  • We can emcee your day if you wish!
  • We can secure your wedding gifts and cards into a vehicle or hotel room
  • Set up and/or creation of slideshow
  • Venue room map/layout, so you can see exactly what your perfect day will look like
  • Ceremony decorating — and transporting all that decor, guest book, card box, and bouquets to your reception for you
  • Photo collection of your decorations, so you’ll get those Pinterest-worthy pictures
  • Centerpiece showcase – Our staff will create centerpieces for you to pick and choose from, so your day will be exactly how you envisioned it looking!
  • Centerpiece key – After your showcase, we will compile your centerpieces into a key for you to reference
  • Confirmations with vendors – Our staff will confirm with all of your vendors one month in advance
  • Full day-of coordinator – We will be there from set up to take down for any of your wedding day needs
  • Wedding day timeline – We’ll compile a complete timeline for you to share with your family and friends with all the details for the day
  • We can attend your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, coordinate, and even decorate if you’d like us to.
  • Calligrapher on staff – to help with any signage needs
  • Invitations, programs, save the dates, day-of signage – Hitch Studio can brand your wedding with your theme!

The biggest benefits of being a “Hitch” bride:


Hitch takes care of all the fine details that you don’t want to have to worry about. Although you do pay for our services, the list above is all included in our 3 Carat package! We also have 1 Carat and 2 Carat levels of service, so whichever level you choose, the payoff in the end is beyond worth it. Plus, you don’t have 30 tables worth of decorations sitting in your living room waiting to be sold to another bride. It is all brought to your venue, set up, and packed up by Hitch staff with no worries. We can send you recommended vendors and venues in any price range. If you decide that life is too busy, we can even book that wedding cake, limo party bus, or DJ for you! We can save you hundreds of hours of research by telling you which vendors are best, priced best, and dependable. (And which ones are not.)


Another reason to hire a wedding planner the day of your wedding is completely work/stress/and worry free for your family and friends. No staying til the break of dawn to tear down and pack decorations away. Hitch takes care of your ceremony, reception, gifts, and more! No need to bug those aunts or cousins to help you lift those heavy totes or put up a giant head table backdrop. Let them enjoy your wedding weekend as well!

“As a Hitch bride, Renee has been a lifesaver. I haven’t had to stress about any decorations, which saves me space and money! Plus, any questions I have had, she has been there to answer, no matter how random or crazy they may be. She knows exactly what vendors fit into my needs and my budget, as well as what questions need to be covered before I even think about them. I couldn’t imagine planning a wedding without a staff like Hitch Studio behind me!”  ~Danielle

Our Hitch brides have come to us from every stage of life. One bride was getting married with a full-time job and kids. She had no time to plan a wedding. We took over for her and allowed her to have a beautiful wedding that she got to share with her kids.

Another bride was in the process of moving and got a puppy before the wedding! We loved getting to assist her in planning the wedding of her dreams, while allowing her to still work on her house and train her new fur baby.


Often times, venues will book events the night before your wedding and/or the morning after your wedding. That limits the time and resources you have to set up and take down all your wedding decor! When your only option is to decorate your wedding the day-of your wedding, Hitch Studio can help! Your family will be busy traveling to your wedding — and you, your mom, and your bridesmaids will all be getting their hair and makeup ready. Hitch Studio has an entire team of decorators ready to set up for you! Plus, based on the centerpiece showcase and centerpiece key we have handy, we already know exactly what you want where. It will be stress-free for you and perfect, we promise!! Here are some receptions we have decorated in the past!

Check out this blog if you still are on the fence about hiring a wedding planner, we know you will not regret it! 13 Ways to know you should hire a wedding planner

So come on in and set up a meeting with us! We would love to chat with you about your big day and give you a little taste of what it’s like to be a “Hitch” bride.  <3

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