1. If you need help creating a wedding day timeline. Timing and logistics are key to a perfectly flowing wedding day. Your wedding planner will ensure that everyone is in the right place at the right time. This includes the wedding party, guests, and especially vendors. That takes a lot of stress off of you or a family member trying to “boss people around”. Wedding coordinators do this professionally with humor, kindness, and tact. Plus, the more people that have access to that timeline, the better chance we have of keeping everything on track! For a sample wedding day timeline, check out this blog!
  2. If a wedding detail checklist would help you. Your wedding coordinator knows exactly what details need to be incorporated into your special day. They will provide a detailed checklist to make certain that no detail is forgotten on your wedding day. Interested in hearing more about timelines and checklists? Purchase our exclusive “Wedding Day Designer” guide! It’s the best $20 you’ll spend on your wedding. We promise.
  3. If you’d like suggestions and advice based on experience. Chances are you have not planned very many weddings, but most wedding planners have executed 50+ memorable and unique weddings. They are willing to share some of the best advice out there from years of wedding experience. They want your wedding to be as unique and amazing as you, but have the experience to make sure it’s perfect!
  4. If you need some family mediation. Mom wants this, your fiance wants that, grandma has an opinion… Your wedding planner can help assist you and become a mediator. It is not going to be the first time indecisiveness has occurred. I should add “counselor” to my business card title. We want everyone to come to an agreement and your wedding planner can suggest a friendly compromise. 
  5. If you want all issues handled behind the scenes. You are about to walk down the aisle and the reception is in an hour or two. The caterer hasn’t showed up. You are about to cut the cake and the cake knife is missing. The usher is missing his tie for his wedding photos. Don’t worry, your wedding planner has it covered and you don’t even have to know about it. Situations like these are the last thing that should be on your mind moments before walking down the aisle. 
  6. If you want to know about the most current wedding trends. Want to have a unique and trendy wedding but don’t have time to read fifty blogs and scroll through miles of Pinterest posts? It is part of a wedding planner’s job to know what is up-and-coming in the wedding industry. They want your wedding to stand out and be memorable for you and your guests.
  7. If you are working a full time job. As a wedding coordinator, it is our job to be thinking about your wedding and contacting vendors all day. This will allow you to focus on work and spend time with your fiance without being buried in wedding things. We can save you tons of time researching vendors and trends and reviews. We know which wedding professionals are best and which ones to avoid. 
  8. If you are stressed and panicked. You don’t have to worry about what you are forgetting or what could go wrong on your big day. Your wedding coordinator will be able to run out and get any last minute things or go find someone if they are missing. You shouldn’t have a worry in the world!
  9. If you need help budgeting for each vendor. Wedding planners have worked with multiple vendors and have seen multiple price points. They can give you the best recommendation for your budget to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. They want you to experience amazing quality and service. Check out how we turned a plain church basement into a gorgeous reception under a budget!
  10. If you want help with wedding etiquette and avoiding weddings mistakes. Wedding planners have seen it all. It is our job to be proactive and catch a mistake before it occurs. We are dedicated to you and your special day. With an abundance of experience, we can predict how a wedding will play out and be prepared for anything that could be thrown our way. Check out these 75 wedding etiquette tips we’ve written in true Twitter-style.
  11. If you’re planning a wedding from afar — at a place that you don’t live (or any of your family members). You can do anything with FaceTime, Skype, and a wedding planner. You need someone on-site who knows what you want and can express your wishes. Take a peek at the advice from this bride who planned her wedding 400 miles away!
  12. If your fiancé is getting mad at you for not spending enough time with him because you’re spending too much time on Pinterest. Okay, this might happen on occasion, but it’s still a legit reason. It’s makes our list. If you’re bickering a lot, consider hiring a wedding coordinator.
  13. If you’ve booked your venue and date, but it’s been a few months and your motivation is low. If you haven’t done anything beyond the basic decisions, that’s okay. Wedding planners are here to take the analysis paralysis out of decision-making. We can help gently move things along.

You deserve to NOT be stressed out on your wedding day. You deserve to have a wedding planner handling the tough stuff for you. You deserve happiness during this most special time of your life!

Contact Hitch if any of these reasons resonated with you enough to hire a wedding planner. We’re here to help…and pour you a glass of wine. 🙂

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