Creative Unity Ceremony Ideas

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Unity ceremonies are a wonderful way to commemorate a marriage and a meaningful way to celebrate the lifelong union you’re about to make to your spouse. It’s important to find one that’s right for you! There are so many unique ideas to choose from. Unity candles stand the test of time, and are make a wonderful keepsake — showing two flames become one. The mothers of the couple often light the individual candles, making it even most special as they watch their children unite. We do love the candle unity ceremony, but here are a few unique ideas for a wedding unity ceremony that we thought stood out:

Tree Planting

This idea allows you to watch the tree you planted on your wedding day continue to grow each year. Typically, families of both the bride and groom provide containers of soil to represent a blending of lives. These containers sit up on the altar where your ceremony will be held and the bride and groom will pour the soil together into the potted tree that you will eventually plant into the ground at your home. Over the years, you will build stronger roots together just like the tree you’ve planted!

Love Letters

This idea is sweet and sentimental and will allow you to seal away love letters and save them for a milestone anniversary a few years down the road. For this ceremony, the bride and the groom will write a heartfelt letter to each other prior to the wedding day. During the ceremony, the couple will lock these letters in a box to be opened at a later time or anniversary date. What a beautiful way to keep those first feelings and memories alive!

Unity Knot

This idea is a thoughtful way to incorporate the cord of three strands: the bride, the groom, and God into the marriage.  In this Christian ceremony, the bride and groom braid the three strands together to represent God’s love binding them together and being present in their marriage. This ceremony is a powerful way to invite the Lord into all you and your new spouse will encounter together! It also is representative of the Bible verse from Ecclesiastes 4:12 — “A cord of three strands is not easily broken.”

Sky Lantern Release

This idea symbolizes good luck and prosperity.  In this ceremony, the couple has the choice of releasing one lantern shared by both the bride and the groom, or asking their guests to participate in the ceremony and having them release lanterns also.  The participants will either make an unspoken wish or write wishes for the bride and groom on the lantern. All the lanterns will then be released at once into the sky.  This is a great way to incorporate all of your friends and family into your union!

This could be done with butterflies or birds too! (It takes a little more coordinating, but is a great option!

Beer Pouring

This idea is unique and a fun twist on a unity ceremony. During this ceremony, two beers (one dark and one light) are poured into one glass by the bride and groom. The couple then takes a drink of the mixed beers to symbolize two becoming one.  If you and your spouse love a good craft beer, this ceremony may be perfect for you!

Unity Puzzle

This idea is a very sentimental and symbolic way to unify two families becoming one.  Each family member/important individual has a piece of the puzzle, so during the ceremony, they are able to come up and add their piece to the puzzle.  This is a great way to symbolize a group of people who are each different and unique coming together to make something beautiful.  You and your spouse will be left with a puzzle to use as a decoration and cherish for many years! 

Water Ceremony

This idea is similar to the traditional sand unity ceremony, just with a little twist.  During this ceremony, two small glasses (representing the bride and groom) of different colored water are combined to make a new color of water in a larger jar.  This represents the new union that is formed by marriage, and the new journey that the bride and groom will enter into now that they are one.

Painted canvas

This idea is great for those of you who have an artistic side and aren’t afraid to truly express yourself!  During this ceremony, the canvas will start blank, and the bride and groom will each pick a color to paint and incorporate in some way onto the canvas.  The canvas starting blank represents the new, blank, start of the marriage.  The two colors represent the bride and the groom, who have now committed to each other. Some couples choose to paint a new color onto the canvas as things come their way throughout the years. The colors represent different trials and triumphs they have encountered and conquered throughout their life with one another!

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Unity lock

This idea symbolizes the strength of the couple’s commitment to each other and their marriage.  There are a few ways to perform this ceremony. The couple can choose to padlock a pair of heart locks on a single chain, or they can use a sigle lock and secure it to a permanent structure.  They may also choose to toss or keep the keys after locking the padlock. What a wonderful way to demonstrate a couple’s dedication to one another for the years to come!

Sand ceremony

Pouring different colored sands or sand from different places/beaches isn’t a new idea, but it’s just as special. Fill two vessels with different sand and during the ceremony, pour them together into a larger vessel.

We love ALL of these unity ceremony ideas! And of course, if your need any help or planning these special details of your big day, contact Hitch Studio. Need a fun backdrop behind your unity ceremony? Check out these fun ideas!

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