Rehearsal Dinner Locations in Brookings, South Dakota

While your wedding day is the main event, it is important to remember the rehearsal dinner and consider your options. As a refresher, here are the rehearsal dinner basics you should know.

Having your rehearsal dinner in Brookings, South Dakota?! Consider hiring Hitch Studio to help with everything from decor, to restaurants and dinner etiquette. 

When is the rehearsal dinner?

It is typically the evening before your wedding day. Hitch can design your rehearsal dinner invitations, decorate your tables, and coordinate the event with the restaurant/caterer. TIP: We can re-use any fresh flowers the next day at your wedding.

Where should my rehearsal dinner take place?

There are many great places in the Brookings area!

• Old Market’s Veranda holds 40 people and has an on-site menu.
Wooden Legs’ Event Space holds 60 people that will allow you to bring catering or provides an on-site menu.
Old Fire Hall holds 60, where you can bring catering and is very affordable.
Brookings Country Club is a great venue for a large group. They hold 80 people and provide an on-site menu. No need to be a member, either. You can rent their party room for your rehearsal dinner with a view!
Good Roots Farm & Barn can hold 50 people inside the lower level of their barn with wood-fired pizzas on-site — or you can bring in catering. 
Enoch Farm can hold as many people as needed on their wide open, charming farm. They have many spaces available — some indoors, some outdoors.
Bennett’s Barn can hold 80 on their outdoor patio and 80 in their upper loft area. If you’re looking for rustic, but beautiful, this is your place!

These are just a few options! You can always rent a tent for a larger group, or ask any restaurant in town for a small section for your party. Cubby’s party room (holds 30), The Ram’s back room (holds 20), and Kool Beans meeting room (holds 30).

Who should I invite to our rehearsal dinner?

The rehearsal dinner is a laid back time for you to catch up with family before the big day. Both sides will have a chance to get caught up in a casual setting. You should invite family, the bridal party and their significant others, as well as any out of town guests. It is also a nice gesture to invite the officiant and spouse. 

Do you have other questions about your rehearsal dinner? Ask Hitch Studio anytime!

For more tips & advice take a peek at this blog we wrote answering all your questions about the rehearsal dinner!

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