Sneak Peek #4: Questions to Ask Your Wedding Bartender

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Part 4 of Hitch Studio’s Wedding Day Designer Sneak Peek series!

This series includes sneak peeks of sections directly from the Wedding Day Designer! The Wedding Day Designer is our 148-page all-inclusive wedding planner, including checklists, timelines, tips, and more. Buy the full wedding planner HERE!


The Basics

•    Is our wedding date available? How far in advance do we need to book with you?

•    Do you have the proper license?


•    How do you charge for your time and for drinks?

•    Can you run a cash bar? (Be sure you are able to sell alcohol at your venue.  Some don’t allow it.)

•    Do I have to buy the alcohol, ice, cups, etc. or will you supply it?

•    What is the tipping protocol?

•    Can the bar accept credit cards? (If not, does the reception venue have an ATM?)

•    Do you carry liability insurance?

•    What is the deposit and final payment plan for the entire bill? What forms of payment do you accept?

•    What is your cancelation/refund policy?

•    When will I receive the contract? (Make sure to get everything in writing in the final contract.)


•    What cocktails, spirits, or beers can you serve?

•    Can we request specific drinks? (Specialty liquor, wine, champagne, craft beers, mixed drinks, signature cocktails, etc.)

•    Can you provide any special drinks for the non-drinkers?

•    How many people will be on staff?


•    What is your practice for guests who are intoxicated?

•    How will the bartenders be dressed?

•    How late with the bar be open?


•   Make a list of common beers and drinks you know your friends and family will be ordering, so they can order an appropriate amount of popular drink choices

.•   Provide tables, linens, rags, etc. for behind bar and front bar service.

•   Provide ice, cups, bar napkins, cutting board, shakers, and anything the bartender may not provide.

WANT TO SEE MORE? The Wedding Day Designer includes a sample alcohol order, showing amounts of alcohol to order per number of guests! BUY THE WEDDING DESIGNER HERE!

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